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Kevin Feige Admits He Fired Edgar Wright From ANT-MAN Because He Slept With His Wife
Since May of last year, we've heard that the official reason for the Shaun of the Dead director being let go from Ant-Man was because of creative differences. Now, the President of Marvel Studios tells us the real reason was due to a personal betrayal in the form of infidelity.
EDITORIAL: McGee Defends Ezra Miller As THE FLASH's very own McGee shares his thoughts on the controversial casting of Ezra Miller as the Flash. It is highly recommended that you don't click on this article. If you decide to ignore this suggestion, just know that we warned you in the you can't sue us.
McGee Reviews THE FLASH Pilot (Five Weeks After It's Debut)
Even though it has been well over a month since everyone and their mom's boyfriend has seen the Flash pilot, CBM's very own McGee has decided to review this episode now. If you want proof that the public education system in America is broken, we encourage you to read this article and ask God for forgiveness.
John CONSTANTINE Is A Real Person And Here Is His Phone Number
Okay, not really. In a clever display of viral marketing, Warner Bros. and NBC have given out a phone number for fans to call and attempt to contact John Constantine. If it goes to voicemail...John teases you with a reference to a dear friend. See who it is after the jump!
Jon Heder Wants To Play AQUAMAN
In a recent interview, Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder expressed his desire to portray DC Comics' King of Atlantis on the big screen. Please hold your laughter until after the jump!
McGee Reviews THOR: THE DARK WORLD (Even Though Everyone Has Already Seen It)
It's been seven months since Thor 2 first hit theaters way back in November of last year, and this site's very own McGee decides to review this film now. If you have brain cells to spare, then come read this abomination of an article. God help us all!
McGee Gives A Negative Review For MAN OF STEEL
In what is sure to be considered more evidence of this site's decline, we asked McGee to review The Wolverine for its opening weekend and he turned in his review for a movie that's been out for over a month. Enjoy!
McGee Tries His Best To Review IRON MAN 3
One month after the movie has already hit theaters, McGee reviews Marvel's Iron Man 3 as best as his foggy memory will allow. So if for some strange reason you still haven't seen the third installment of Iron Man and are still on the fence about seeing probably still shouldn't read this, but here you go anyways.