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monkeyballs - 5/24/2015, 8:06 AM
The Flash has more story than Daredevil. Daredevil was good but not great.
monkeyballs - 5/24/2015, 8:07 AM
The fighting & violence was welcome.
monkeyballs - 5/24/2015, 8:07 AM
monkeyballs - 5/24/2015, 8:08 AM
And these polls are just click bait. Go figure.
MapleSyrup - 5/24/2015, 8:08 AM
Daredevil in general had better acting and cinematography so it has my vote. Flash would be number one if it didn't feel so much like a soap opera.
Wiingman - 5/24/2015, 8:11 AM
Flash has more story because it was 23 episodes, Daredevil was only 12 episodes and in my opinion it was by far the best comic book show.
AbhiShake - 5/24/2015, 8:13 AM
FLash and Daredevil are incomaprable, both are awesome. But as a whole Superhero show I am slightly towards The Flash.
Amazing512 - 5/24/2015, 8:13 AM
Daredevil without question. Flash was pretty good. Even great sometimes but let's not kid ourselves. Daredevil is on a whole other level.
ChuckV - 5/24/2015, 8:13 AM
Daredevil by a mile. Flash was good, but lagged a bit toward the end of the season. Plus, Daredevil had a better cast.
James99201 - 5/24/2015, 8:15 AM
The flash! Daredevil was good but I never felt like we grew with Matt and with the Flash I felt like we grew with the character, hard choices and discovering new ways to use his powers.
UpcomingDCCU - 5/24/2015, 8:15 AM
Flash > Dare("WannaBeBatmanBegins")Devil
XF14 - 5/24/2015, 8:17 AM
The Flash did a lot of things good, but the CW soap prevents it from being anything other than cool. Daredevil was grand, action & drama, and aside from the suit, it actually gives me hope for future CBM/CBTV adaptations.
Highflyer - 5/24/2015, 8:19 AM
Gotta go with the flash.
Smithology - 5/24/2015, 8:19 AM
I loved the Flash - for me Daredevil is a bit dull

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