REVIEW: Batman #33-Year Zero Finale
Scott Snyder wraps up the Year Zero arc with a fantastic ending that wraps things up nicely, with a focus on Batman's sharp intellect and an exploration of how Bruce Wayne took the pain of his parent's death and turned it into a positive force for the good of Gotham City.
REVIEW: 'Superman' #33-The Men of Tomorrow Chapter 2
The latest issue of Superman explores Clark's skills as an investigative journalist, as he searches for clues to the origin of a new superhuman in Metropolis who adopts Superman as his new earthly mentor.
Review: Nova #19-Original Sin Part 2
Nova #19 sees Sam Alexander reeling from the revelation of his father as murderer rather than hero, which drives him to join Rocket Raccoon on a quest for the truth about who his father really was.
Review: ORIGINAL SIN #6-Open Your Eye
Original Sin #6 continues to deliver solid story and great character development, which is enough to win over readers, but still lacks in both action and new revelations.
Review: Uncanny X-Men #23-The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier
Uncanny X-Men #23 was a near flawless Original Sin tie-in that contained the right amount of character development and plot movement, still managing to entertain readers despite being light on action.
Walking Dead #129 is a solid issue that lives up to the high standards of storytelling that Robert Kirkman has come to be known for, and brings depth to old characters, while carefully expanding it’s universe to welcome new characters to the freak show.
Review: Wolverine #10-Two Months to Die
Wolverine mans up, takes responsibility for his actions, and finds out forgiveness is divine, as he prepares for all out war with Sabretooth.
Fantastic Four #6 Review *SOME SPOILERS*
Fantastic Four #6 was a decent Original Sin tie-in with a pretty good cliffhanger, although there quite a few dramatic moments the writers missed that could've added to the story. Hit the jump for the full review.
Transformers: Age of Extinction is a pretty decent, mindless action flick, but anyone looking for story and substance should probably see something else. Hit the jump for the full review.
New Avengers #20  WRITTEN IN-DEPTH Review *NO SPOILERS*
New Avengers #20 features the inter-dimensional battle of the century as the Great Society takes on the Iluminati in Jonathan Hickman's latest issue in the series. Hit the jump for a detailed review with no spoilers.
New Avengers #20 Review *NO SPOILERS*
New Avengers #20 offers a ton of action, smooth dialogue, and fantastic pacing to offer readers a fun read that chronicles the epic show down between the Illuminati and the Great Society.
TMNT Trailer Video Review
The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer dropped today, and it gives us the most in-depth view yet of the Turtles and reveals the true nature of the Shredder. Hit the jump to hear my thoughts in this brand new video review from MetaComix.
MetaComix reviews Batman Eternal #11 and explains why the craptastic art detracts from what was an overall solid story. Hit the jump for more details.
MetaComix Video Review: Nova #18
Recently had a chance to pick up Nova #18, an Original Sin tie-in, and decided to do a quick review. Overall, solid issue. Hit the jump to watch my recap and thoughts on the story.
EDITORIAL: 3 Movies That Probably Won’t Be Made Until I’m Dead (Marvel Edition)
While daydreaming in the shower, I contemplated a short list of movies I wish Marvel would make before I take a dirt nap, but will probably never see the light of day. I thought I'd share my musings here, so hit the jump to find out what three films I came up with.
MetaComix Video Review: Original Sin #4
Hit the jump to hear Mike from MetaComix do a quick video review of Original Sin #4, which he claims is one of the greatest issues to grace comic book shop shelves in decades. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but he really did seem to enjoy it. Check it out!
EDITORIAL: 3 Reasons Why I’m a Marvel Fanboy and Proud Of It
I've been accused in the past of being a Marvel fanboy. In my latest masterpiece of prose, I come clean and admit my fanboyish obsession with Marvel and give three reasons why I feel like they are the best there is at what they do.
EDITORIAL: How CAPTAIN AMERICA Altered The Path Of My Destiny
Here’s a detailed account of how Captain America helped create the origin story of a new media journalist by inspiring him to pick up his own shield and fight the good fight. Click on to have a read and share your thoughts.
Batman Eternal #10 Video Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Video review of the latest issue of Batman Eternal. I share my thoughts on the good, bad, and the ugly of the issue, as well as dropping some updates about future video content to come.
EDITORIAL: What X-MEN Taught Me About Racial Equality
Any X-fan knows why the original comic characters were created in the first place, but I learned a few lessons on the topic of racial equality from the X-Men movies that I decided to share with everyone. Let me know what you think.
The Main Reason Batman v. Superman Will Probably Be a Big Bag of Suck
My anticipation for the new 'Batman v. Superman' film has my gut bubbling like a case of explosive diarrhea, as I layout my case for why this movie is simply going to be a big bag of suck.
COMICS: Original Sin #3 Review: Stab Cop, Smash Cop
Original Sin #3 continues the Marvel Universe murder mystery "whodunnit" saga with a stellar issue penned by Jason Aaron with a shocking ending that's sure to have your chin hit the floor.
COMICS: AMAZING X-MEN #8 Review: Meat Grinders and Wendigos
Amazing X-Men #8 pits Wolverine against huge, scary sharp fanged monsters in the dark, frigid Canadian wilderness. Oh and there's a pretty nasty scene with a meat grinder too.
COMICS: Deadpool Bi-Annual to Get a Boost of Funny from Writer Paul Scheer
Comedian Paul Scheer is set to pen Deadpool Bi-Annual #1, which is sure to be filled to the brim with hilarity as the "Pool Man" takes a job at an aquatic park to battle crazed animal activists.
Mighty Avengers #10 Review: Fire Breathing Roosters and Giant Alien Baby Heads
Deep from within the twisted mind of Al Ewing comes a bloody tale of enormous were-roosters, giant alien baby heads, and a story that's heavy on character development, but light on action.