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Southern Bastards #9 REVIEW: RIP Coach Big (SPOILERS)
The latest issue of Southern Bastards kicks off a brand new story arc focused on Sheriff Hardy and the untimely demise of Coach Big, which explores the connection between Hardy and Coach Boss, while also exploring the theme of seizing the moment to do the right and not compromising on your values.

But is it good? Hit the jump to find out!
Old Man Logan #2 REVIEW: Logan + Tiger = AWESOME
Old Man Logan #2 is a fast paced issue that has a few cool surprises -- the title says it all -- and some amazing art, but was the story this time around as good as the first issue? Hit the jump to find out!
MetaComix Podcast Ep. 19 -- Ducks are the Jerks of the Animal Kingdom
On this week's episode of the MetaComix Podcast we talk Flash and Aquaman cameos, discuss the Fantastic Four, give our comic pick of the week, and finish things off by talking about Howard the Duck in our character spotlight. Hit the jump for full details!
REVIEW: Secret Wars Marvel Zombies #1--EGGGSSSHHH!
Hard as nails zombie killer Elsa Bloodstone is whisked away by one of the undead and dropped in the middle of the Deadlands, where she and a small child must make the harrowing journey back to civilization while avoiding becoming zombie chow. Is the first issue any good? Hit the jump to find out!
REVIEW: Secret Wars Spider-Verse #2 -- Spider-Ham is AWESOME!
Secret Wars Spider-Verse #2 has a great cast of characters with three of the biggest fan favorites like Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Gwen, and of course, the one, the ONLY, Spider-Ham! BUT is this enough to make the book interesting enough for die-hard fans and casuals alike? Hit the jump to find out!
REVIEW: Groot #1 Isn't Too Bad, But It Really Isn't All That and a Bag of Chips Either!
Groot, the Marvel character who took the world by storm in last year's Guardians of the Galaxy now has his own comic series! The real question is how do you do a comic book where the main character only says three words? Is it even possible? Hit the jump to find out!
Character Spotlight: The Totally Awesome, Completely Underrated, and Strangely Attractive Squirrel Girl!
There are tons of great comic book characters out there who just never seem to get a lot of the limelight, so we here at MetaComix have decided to do something about that.

We've started doing a segment for our podcast called "Character Spotlight" and this week we're giving the strangely sexy (don't judge me) Squirrel Girl a little TLC. Check it out after the jump!
REVIEW: Old Man Logan #1 Will Melt Your BRAIN!
Old Man Logan is a super bloody, post apocalyptic western adventure story busting at the seams with action that has fantastic art, great storytelling, and best of all, plenty of badass WOLVERINE! Hit the jump for the full review!
REVIEW: Secret Wars Infinity Gauntlet #1 (SPOILERS)
Secret Wars Infinity Gauntlet #1 wasn't anything like I was expecting it to be, but that isn't a bad thing. At least not in this case. Hit the jump to get the full breakdown of the issue. This review does contain spoilers, so if you haven't read the issue, you might want to skip this until after you do.
This week's episode made us pee our pants by completely unveiling one of the most physically terrifying villains in the DC universe...Gorilla Grodd! BUT was the episode bearing this legend's name any good? Hit the jump to find out!
Agents of SHIELD S2-Ep 1 REVIEW
The season kicks off with the remenants of SHIELD being led by new director Phil Coulson, operating in the shadows as they're being hunted down by both HYDRA and the government. The team, now working hard to recruit new member is working with a group of mercenaries to track down the very first 084, when they run across the Absorbing Man.
'Avengers' #35 REVIEW
Jonathan Hickman jumps us 8 months into the future of the Marvel Universe where it seems the Avengers are now a fully functioning S.H.E.I.L.D. unit under the leadership of Sue Storm, as she begins searching for the members of the Illuminati who all appear to be missing. Hit the jump for the full review!
MetaComix Podcast #5: Comic Book Media Oversaturation?
Welcome to another episode of the MetaComix Podcast! Today we're going to be talking about the explosion of comic related content being produced such as the massive influx of television shows and movies being produced and whether or not this is going to be an oversaturated market or has it completely changed the cultural landscape?
REVIEW: DEADPOOL #34-Pull My Finger!
The issue is set in the 1990s and centers around revealing Deadpool's big "original sin," has to do with his parents, his role as an assassin, and how he took the news of being a father. Hit the jump for the full review!
REVIEW: Superman Unchained #8-Jim Lee is AWESOME!
Superman in all his glory goes toe-to-toe with Wraith in an epic battle and finds out later the earth is going to be invaded by an alien race and juicing up his powers via Lex Luthor might be the only way to save the planet. Hit the jump for the full review!
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