Follow The Leader (A Marvel One-Shot [Script])
Follow The Leader is a fan fiction focusing on Dr. Bruce Banner as he is taken into custody by Hydra. While being held in a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility now run by Hydra, he finds himself face-to-face with an old friend.
(Fan Film) The Walking Dead: To The Safe-Zone First Poster
The Walking Dead: To The Safe-Zone is a short web series focusing on a young group of teenagers surviving in the dangerous world of The Walking Dead.
The Walking Dead: To The Safe-Zone (Fan Series) First Look at The Alexandria Safe-Zone
(NOT THE WALKING DEAD TELEVISION SERIES) While this fan series is far from finished, I am happy to release the first look at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
The Amazing Spider=Man 2: Part 1(FAN FIC)
Part 1 of my TASM 2 Fan Fic. I will be posting more parts if you fellow users enjoy it. Please feel free to leave feedback. It is much appreciated.
Preview of The Walking Dead Episode 2 'Stranger Danger'
This is a short little preview for episode two of my Walking Dead fan fic.
Interview with Hershel Greene Actor Scott Wilson
Veteran actor Scott Wilson, who plays Hershel Greene on AMC's The Walking Dead, explains how his beard helps shape the character and describes losing a limb on-screen.
This is episode one from my SHIELD TV Series series. I tried to use some MARVEL characters that haven't been used yet.
A preview of my TASM 2 fan script. But be warned, there are a few important spoilers in this from the first film.
The Walking Dead FanFic
This is fanfic for The Walking Dead, which wil focus on another group of survivors struggling to survive the apocalypse.
Part of my The Walking Dead fanfic
This is a part of my Walking Dead fanfic, which will introduce a new group of survivors struggling to survive the zombie apocalypse.
A few test shots from my Joker short, "The Man Who Laughs".
EDITORIAL: Should M.O.D.O.K ever be brought to the big screen?
He may be quite a popular character, but there is no doubt he is a hard one to translate to a live action medium. So should M.O.D.O.K ever be brought to the big screen? Hit the jump to find out what I think.
Here are a few pics of a Joker Goon mask I made in art class a few months ago.
Avengers 2 FanFic
Here is my fanfic for Avengers 2, including the after credits scene from my previous article.
THe After Credits Scene for Avengers 2(Fan fic)
This is my dream after credits scene for Avengers 2.
Interview with Walking Dead Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd
The Walking Dead's Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd describes sending Season 3's extras to zombie graduate school and predicts who would win in a walker-pirate battle
Which heroes/villains deserve to be in The Avengers 2 and 3?
I give my take on who deserves to be in The Avengers 2 or 3.
Thor 2 FanFiction
My fanfiction for Thor 2