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By TheHydraTakeover - 11/6/2012
Even after the Battle of New York, General Ross still sees Hulk as a threat. So he forms the Hulkbusters. A group of highly trained soldiers, lead by Colonel Glenn Talbot, sent out to target and destroy the Incredible Hulk. Ross, with the help of a spy, finds out that Banner is somewhere in Canada. So he deploys the Hulkbusters to search for Banner and bring him back to the base.
Meanwhile all the way in the frozen woodlands of Canada, Bruce Banner is staying at one of his old collage student's homes. Rick Jones. Rick and Bruce became friends when they, along with Betty Ross, where hired to recreate the super-soldeir serum using gamma radiation. Rick was there to witness the first time Bruce morphed into the Hulk.
Samuel Sterns has been under custody of SHIELD for four years now. SHIELD scientists have conducted many different test on him in hopes to return him to his normal state, but they have all failed. His head has been mutated due to having interaction with Bruce Banner's blood, turning his skin a light greenish color and making his head grow two times the size of a normal human head. He has not spoken a word the entire time he has been kept in SHIELD custody. He has been to busy planning his escape to worry about talking.
The Hulkbusters arrive in the frozen wilderness of Canada a week later, having pinpointed Banner's location. The set up camp on the outskirts of a small town, sending scouts and watchouts into town regurally. Finally, a few days after their arrival, a scout talks with a young man named RIck Jones and discovers that he has been hiding Bruce in his home. So a few soldiers, including Talbot, find Rick's home and invade it. When they invade the home, Rick and a middle aged man with a full black beard try to defend themelves, but fail horribly and are captured by the soldiers.
A few days later, the Hulkbusters arrive back at base with Bruce and Rick. Rick is locked in a cell while Bruce is taken to an observation room where they strap him downand draw some of his blood to analyze. Then they send Bruce to a high tech gamma prison facility funded by SHIELD known as The Cube, due to it's shape of a cube. While being relocated to The Cube, Banner meets an old "friend" of his. Leonard Samson. The ex boyfriend of Bruce's girlfriend, Betty Ross. Banner discovers that Samson now work at The Cube as a researcher and also discovers that it is Samson who will be tennding to him regularly. As Bruce enters The Cube, he sees another familiar face. Abominations. Abomination grins at Bruce from his cell as they walks by. Bruce looks around and sees a lot of familier faces. Not any of them that he's ever met in person, but people he'd seen on the news. Like Carl "Crusher" Creel, and MadMan. Then he looks to his left and sees a face TO familiar. The face of his old friend, Samuel Sterns. But this hardly looked like the STerns he;d known. The face was disoriented and huge. His eyes looked as though they were locked shut. Then, suddenly, they pop open and glare at Bruce. Then he grins. Samson sees Sterns and quickly pulls Bruce away. The next few days, Bruce is pushed. Pushed until he almost couldn't control the beast raging inside him. He'd been tazed, poked, smacked, and kicked. But he wouldn't budge. He was worried about Rick, fearing only the worst for his friend. He couldn't stop thinking about Stern's the way he glared at him...And his grin...THe grin was bonechilling...It still sent chills down his spine. Suddenly, Stern's cell explodes, sending glass shards everywhere. A few guards are caught in front of the explosion. Bruce is hit in the neck and head by a few glass shards. His head and neck start to bleed. Bruce gets angry, but fights it, not wanting to make the situation worse. Sirens echo through the air, signaling all doctors and guards that there is a problem. Bruce starts sweating, still fighting off the Hulk. One of his eyes is green, why the other is still it's natural color. His skin is partly green, while some is still tan. He hears footsteps in front if him and looks up, only to find Sterns looking down at him. Sterns grins smacks Bruce with a metal pipe. Bruce loses all control of the Hulk. He starts to morph, breaking the chains he was being held in. He looks up again, only to find Sterns gone. HE finally finishes morphing into The Hulk. But he's different. The Hulk has gray skin and has a full bkack beard. It appears that as Banner ages, the Hulk does as well. He roars.
Meanwhile, at Ross's base, Rick hears General Ross and Glenn Talbot arguing. He hears something about Bruce turning into the Hulk and frowns. If the Hulk was out there, he would surely come back here and destroy everything.
The Hulk charges through the halls of The Cube, hoping to find Sterns somewhere. As he runs down the halls, Abomination breaks through his cell and uppercuts Hulk, then starts explaining to Hulk that he was going to finish their uncompleted battle. Hulk roars and hits Abomination with a metal supporting beam. Abomination is sent flying and is knocked unconcious. Hulk walks past Abominaiton and says, "There. Battle finished."
The Hulkbusters arrive as one side of The Cube explodes. They quickly get behind cover to protect themselvess from the flaming wreackage flying towards them. When they are sure the wreckage is done coming, Talbot sends the Hulkbuster armoured soldiers into the building. They soldiers do as they are ordered and enter the structure. As they do, a dark figure with a bulging head exits the building from the opposite side. Talbot raises his gun. As he does so, the figure turns around and walks around to the other side, disappearing in the dark, black smoke.
The Hulk sees the Hulkbuster armoured soldiers just as they see him. They soldiers start to open fire, but by the time they start, the Hulk attacks. He throws the all to different sides of the room, a few of them being thrown so hard that they are thrown through the wall and to the hard, desert ground below. The Hulk follows them outside. The rest of the Hulkbuster unit start to shoot at The Hulk. The Hulk decides that if he were to catch up to Sterns, that he'd better go after him now. So Hulk starts to sprint off in Stern's direction.
The Hulkbusters unit arrive back at base a few hours later. Talbot reports to Ross that they had failed. Ross yells at Talbot and tells him that he is no longer on the Hulkbusters Unit. Talbot, angry with Ross, pulls out his baton and smacks Ross in the back of the head repeatidly. Finally, Ross is knocked unconcious. Talbot walks out of the office, cleanig the blood off his military baton with a towel.
Bruce wakes up in the desert in late afternoon. He sees a highway close by and begins to walk towards it. When he reaches the highway, an 18 wheeler stops and offers him a ride. Bruce accepts the ride. The trucker tells him he is heading to Dallas. A few hours later, Bruce arrives in Dallas. He thanks the trucker for the ride and enters a gas station, but is kicked out by an old cashier named Stan, who yells at him, "NO SHOES! NO SHIRT! NO SERVICE, MISTA!" So Bruce walks to the next nearest gas station and buys some cloths. Then walks to dowtown Dallas.
Talbot gets a call from the trucker who had offered Bruce a ride.. The trucker had been a spy. He tells Talbot that Bruce was in Dallas. Talbot hangs up and orders the Hulkbusters to get ready to move into downtown Dallas. Talbot enters a stotage unit containing a Hulkbuster armour. A soldier is just getting ready to climb into the armour. Talbot shoots the soldier and climbs into the armour. He grins as the mask closes over him. Rick breaks out of his cell and knocks out a Hulkbuster soldier. HE changes into the Hulkbuster soldiers cloths and follows all the other soldeirs onto the aircraft. A few hours later, the Hulkbusters arrive in downtown Dallas. Bruce just happens to see them arrive and quickly runs into an alley. But Talbot, you was ontop of a building spots Banner and lands in front of him. He blasts Banner into a bus. Banner morphs into the Hulk and an epic battle, almost as epic as The Avengers battle, occurs. During the battle, one Hulkbuster soldier, Ulysses Klaw, is pushed right into an explosion by The Hulk and loses his right hand. Finally, Hulk damages the Hulkbuster armour so badly that it triggers the self destruct sequence. Hulk grabs Rick and takes him to saftey just as the suit explodes.

4 Months Later
Abomination enters an old mining site. He climbs deep into the old mine and finally enters a lab. He slams down Whiplash's harnest on a table.
"There, I got it for you. Now what is my pay?"
"Your pay...Is that I let you continue living."
"-laughs- You don't have the strength to kill someone like me."
"Overall, mental strength is stronger than physical strength my dear boy. You may be able to throw a punch, but I can process it's trajectory quickly enough to dodge it and then all I have to do is outsmart you. Which isn't so difficult..."

"Keep telling yourself that Sterns."

Sterns turns to face Abomination.

"I am not Samuel Sterns anymore. No, no, no...Samuel Sterns died the day you were born. The day I was born. From now on, you will know me as your leader...The Leader."
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calin88 - 11/7/2012, 10:34 AM
You know you spelled "Incredible" wrong in the title, don't you?
optimusbibby - 11/8/2012, 11:04 AM
Great idea, includes everything I'd want in a IH sequel, the cube, return of abomination, the Leader.

@calin88, you seriously have nothing better to say than correct their spelling?

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