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The Batman: Crime Rising Chapter 6 By Jazzywazzy!
Sorry for the delay, but here it is. The anticipated sixth chapter in the unravelling, highly acclaimed superhero origin story, The Batman: Crime Rising!
UPDATE! The Batman: Crime Rising Fancast by Jazzywazzy!
So for those of you that have been reading my ongoing take on the Batman story, I decided to compile a fancast of who I would like to see play the characters in my story! Here we go! UPDATED with two different actor choices and an extra character!
The Batman: Crime Rising Chapter 5: The Dilemma Begins! By Jazzywazzy
Apologies for the delay, this chapter was particurly hard to write. But I hope chapter 6 will be posted sooner! And there is now a new subtitle, Crime Rising! Hopefully this chapter will be a success with other CBMers aswell since the other ones have gained critical success!
The Batman Chapter 4: The Batman Unleashed By Jazzywazzy!
Here's chapter 4 of my take on a Batman origin story, which many fellow CBMers have praised and given their thumbs up to...
The Batman chapter 3: Becoming the Batman! By Jazzywazzy
So here you are: chapter 3 of my new take on a batman origin story! If you see this but haven't read the first 2 chapters, don't worry there will be links to the chapters in the article!
EDITORIAL: Constructing The Plot of The Dark Knight Rises!
So you lot have probably read loads of articles like this, but they were just what they THOUGHT would happen, but this is what I have gathered will happen from various different spoilers, confirmations, rumours etc and of course the fans theories!
The Batman Chapter 2: The Discovery by Jazzywazzy
So for those of you that read chapter 1 of my take on the Batman origin, heres the even more epic chapter 2!
The Batman Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End By Jazzywazzy
Here's chapter 1 of my take on a batman origin story! This is a different take on the batman franchise, and the rest of the chapters of this stories and its 2 sequels will soon follow!
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