With the premiere of the new superhero cartoon "Shezow", which focuses on an boy superhero who must wear a woman's superhero outfit, causing controversy on all sides of the social media spectrum, I felt it was the right time to SHE-d some light on this neon pink caped crusader, and clear up the confusion surrounding the show.
Super Villains... In Drag?!!
With the fourth season of Ru Paul's Drag Race premiering this Monday, let's take a fun look of moments when comic super-villains in film decided to... get in touch with their feminine side!
Justin Bieber talks... Superheroes?
The multi-media teen sensation talks about who his favorite superhero is and which comic book character he'd love to play! The answers may surprise you!
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Finalist for Best New Cartoon of 2010 at Nickandmore.com
The new Avengers cartoon has been getting much hype over the past couple of months. Now at popular cartoons website, Nickandmore.com, Avengers is in the top ten to win their coveted "Cartoon of the Year" award. But the cartoon in first place ahead of it? The answer may surprise you! (Here's a hint, it has to do with ponies)
Full Length Blue Beetle Clip Finally Released!
What in the blue blazes? Why, it's the Blue Beetle, of course!
New Details On Green Lantern!
A new article has surfaced revealing details on the movies, plot, which characters make it in, and even the details of potential sequels!

WARNING! Possible spoilers abound!
Peter Fernandez, the Voice of Speed Racer, Dies at 83
The man behind the voice of one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time passes.
Harry Potter and the Deathly... Inception?
What happens when you cross a mind-bending crime drama with a magic-battling teen drama? Why, you get this beautiful piece of fan editing, that's what!
Scott Pilgrim Video Game Trailer Finally Arrives!
As if the anticipation for the comic and movie weren't enough, we all now have a video-game to get excited about! 1-2-3-4!!!
RUMOR: Logan Lerman STILL the Frontrunner for Spider-Man
The young actor is reportedly locked to get the part, but is it all truth, or are we just getting caught in a tangled web of lies?
Scott Pilgrim Video Game Announced!
Ubisoft to adapt the hit Scott Pilgrim comic into a 2D beat 'em up game! And you won't believe is working on it!
EDITORIAL: Why Chris Evans as Cap Is a Bad Idea
I know it's a little too late for this, and I know there's nothing I can really do about it, but hear me out on this one.
How I feel the Bleach movie will turn out.
All said through the power of pictures!
Warner Bros. Adapting Popular Manga Bleach
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the manga Bleach is getting the movie treatment!
UPDATE: Official Scott Pilgrim vs The World Movie Poster!
New poster for Scott Pilgrim VS The World is finally revealed!
MTL's COMPLETE Spider-Man Reboot Fancast
My finished fancast for the Spider-Man reboot.

MTL's Fantastic Four fancast!
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!
My UPDATED Batman Fancast
Decided to post a fancast for the first time! Come inside and take a look! I guarantee you'll like what you see!