Marvels The Avengers....With Blackface
Not what you think. Using my trusty time machine I travel through out time and cast the Avengers with all African-American actors I feel that embody the role hit the jump to see some greats from James Earl Jones to Eartha KittAgain, don't enter if you ain't got no soul jack.
Earths Mightiest R&B: Avengers SOUNDTRACK
With the release of Captain America:The Winter Soldier we all pretty much know Cap's list of things to discover, Troubleman by the great late Marvin Gaye to example. With that said I found the best Old School R&B songs that match the cast of Avengers:Age of Ultron from Sam Cooke to Billie Holiday . WARNING: DO NOT ENTER IF YOU AIN'T GOT NO SOUL JACK!
Star Trek v. Star Wars:The Ultimate Poll
In honor of JJ Abrams directing Star Wars and Star Trek I created a poll with certain Trek and Wars elements against each other to see which you prefer. Take part in the survey to voice your love for space being the final frontier or the force being with you.
Uncle Ruckus of The Boondocks Getting The Live-Action Treatment
Recent Boondocks season 4 news has lead to the announcement of our favorite intolerant character getting the live-action treatment.
Comic Book Survey
This survey is for my Starting Your Own Business class, I wanted my fellow CBMers to just overlook the survey and please fill it out to the best you can.
Editorial: Do Original Teams Make An Impact On Mainstream Audiences?
In the comic books we all have our favorite generation of a superhero team, studios have disregarded many original team rosters to appeal to the audience more.
Which Part Of Tony Stark Are You?
In Marvels The Avengers, Tony Stark/Iron Man labeled himself not only a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist but a volatile, self-obsessed, and does not play well with other. This poll asks which one are you?
Can Hip-Hop And Comic Book Movies Collaborate?
Hip-Hop is more than just a genre of music it is an artform, made by bright people who have incorporated it into music well. How though, can Hip-Hop collaborate with the long running comic book franchise. Including artwork of comic and Hip-Hop amalgamation.
Help Save Earths Mightiest Heroes
It may not mean much, but the voice of many can make a change. Hit the jump to get details on fans involvement on saving the heroes...
FAN CAST: Marvel Studios Presents: Invaders
My Interpretation of an "Invaders" movie following The Marvel Cinematic Universe including a fan cast. May include SPOILERS from Captain America: The First Avenger, so if you haven't seen the film or any Marvel Studios film, don't read this. This takes place after Captain America: The First Avenger.
Do You Ever Read The Comments Left On Your Articles?
My editorial regarding what people do when their articles are commented on
What I Want To See In:Iron Man 3
What I want to see in the final installment of the Armored Avengers trilogy
Marvel Animated Films Poll
Marvel isn't great in the animated movies department but out of them all, which of them do you think was best?
Marvel's Cinematic Universe Presents: Invaders Fan Cast
I fan cast all the Invaders, including a couple of characters that can add to the Invaders and this fan cast follows the Marvel Cinematic Universe this may include some spoilers so if you haven't seen Captain America: The First Avenger I caution you. This is just the fan cast to my fan made Invaders film and look out for the plot/synopsis soon.
RESULTS Which Avenger Has The Hottest Girlfriend?
RESULTS to which of Earths Mightiest Heroes has the hottest leading lady...
What I want To See in:Thor 2
Some things I want to see in 2013 biggest CBM sequel
Which Comic Book Character Do You Want To Play And Why?
Give details, or pictures if you choose to on the comic book character you best fit and would play in a comic book movie if given the chance
We Desreve 'R' Rated Films:Wolverine And Deadpool
Some Marvel Comics characters I believe deserve R rated movies...
Why I believe Darwin isn't dead
My reason for questioning Darwins death...
Which Avenger has the hottest girlfriend?
A poll on which of Earth's Mightiest Heroes has the most attractive leading lady
Scream 4 Review
My review of the recent 2011 slasher, with minor spoilers
MrAnonymous fancasts:The Boondocks
The fancast for my favorite cartoon on television, including mini biographies, the voices of the characters and videos of the characters
For the last time, THOR HAS NO POWERS!!!!!
Thor is powerless, you hear me powerless
Jackass Comic Book Characters
Comic Book Characters fancasted with the Jackass guys