Shailene Woodley Dyes Hair for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2
It seems that Shailene Woodley has dyed her hair red for her role as Mary-Jane Watson for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.
Batman Reboot
My ideas on of how the rebooted Batman should go. (A slightly edited version)
Star Wars: Episode VII Fancast
My Star Wars: Episode VII fancast. I didn't explain my casting decision but instead I tried to put a little bio for each character.
Quantic Dream's Inception
My ideas for a possible Inception game, and Nolan's next possible project.
Justice League Fancast
My fancast for the Justice League film slated for 2015.
Heavy Rain Fancast
My fancast for the upcoming video game based film, Heavy Rain. Only put reasons for casting choices for the four main characters.
The Web of Spider-Man: The Animated Series
My ideas for the next (possible) Spider-Man animated series.
Venom Fancast
My fancast and some vague details of the plot.
Stunning Fan-made The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Poster
Not real news, but there's a lack of TASM 2 fanart, but this is a great one by DiamondDesignHD!
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Fancast
Just my ideas of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Fantastic 4 Fancast
My ideas for a Fantastic Four film set in the MCU.