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With the new “Three Musketeers” movie hitting theaters this year, will that open a door for another “Man in the Iron Mask” movie as well?
Despite the popularity of Disney’s version back in 1993 with Chris O’Donnell, a sequel to the film by the same studio was not forth coming; but a sequel was made just a few years later by a rival company.
Are American Men Too Wimpy to Play Superheroes?
An answer to some statements made by Hollywood movie-makers!
A Mighty Mouse movie was promised two different times ~ so, where is it?
Searching eyes still can’t spot a promised movie production in CGI of the famous superman like mouse!
The Lone Ranger Rides Again!
Video uploaded to Youtube just last week from “Clevver Movies” talks Disney’s Lone Ranger once again
Is The Batman Just An Updated Zorro?
According to Batman creator Bob Kane, part of his inspiration of the Bat is his super interpretation of the Californian rascal ~ El Zorro!
A Modern Captain America For a Modern Audience?
As is being thought and said, will the legendary hero of the stars and stripes live up to his old American reputation? Or will Marvel Studios give us a totally new rendition of the shield baring superhero that fits a more modern idea of American values?
A Different Kind Of Role For Orlando Bloom?
We’ve seen Orlando as Paris of Troy, as Will Turner in the Caribbean, Legolas Greenleaf questing the rings, and as Balian de Ibelin in Kingdom of heaven . . . but now what has he got himself into?
Can the earth live without Johnny Storm? Or, rather, can comic book fans live without him?
A brief observation on the life and death of the world’s favorite Human Torch!
Will the real d’Artagnan please stand up!
With the new Musketeer movie coming out soon, one can wonder if the hero is based upon an actual person or not.