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Editorial: He's back and HE IS AMERICAN!
My thoughts on the whole "He's a U.S citizen, he's not a U.S. citizen fiasco"
Why the World Needs Smallville
For the lovers...not the haters
Is This The Official Plot Premise For Superman: Man Of Steel?
Bleeding Cool reckon the odds are good that this short synopsis is the real deal, and an official hint at what to expect from the plot of Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot..
Chris Hemsworth Talks THOR; At One Point Out-Muscled His Costume!
In a recent video interview at Las Vegas' CinemaCon, the star of Marvel's THOR, actor Chris Hemsworth reveals at one point, he out-muscled his costume, and more! Check it out!
Zack Snyder ' A big Thank you to Smallville
Zack Snyder has a few words for the SMALLVILLE show ...
Zack Snyder Praises Smallville For Keeping Superman Alive
In a recent interveiw Snyder expresses how he feels about the way the people of Smallville have kept The Man of Steel alive through out the years.
Why the World Needs a Better Superman
I am becoming just a little worried about the Superman Reboot. Here are some thoughts.
RUMOR: Is CG Superman Really Happening For The Upcoming Reboot?
Yes, we heard it before but the rumor is still alive and this new report is offering some new info on the CG Superman and a possible new update on Lois Lane and her part in the movie. Check it out!
Superman Reboot Cast by Supes77
My Reboot cast for Zack Synders revision of the The Man of Steel
CENSORSHIP: If I Don't Like You, Your Comments Will Be Removed
Freedom of speech for commenters, or freedom of speech for contributors...eitherway, this particular situation was in BAD FORM.
Marc Guggenheim Discusses Cut Superman Cameo In Green Lantern!
The co-writer of the movie discusses potential easter eggs and also explains why the Superman cameo was cut, revealing that Smallville's Tom Welling is more than welcome to come along and film that scene if he has time...
Who is the TRUE Superman of our generation? Easy...
Superman is the first superhero in comic book history.
From Comic Book to Smallville
It is "Smallville"’s last season whether you love the show or loathe it. The series has breathed life to many of our DC comic book characters. Here is a picture rundown of characters that transitioned from the colorful 2D pages of our comic books to "Smallville"’s small screen. *Updated 112810*
Zack Snyder On Superman: Film Won't Follow Any Particular Comic Storyline
While speaking to French movie site, the recently announced director of the upcoming Superman reboot spoke about the direction his movie would take..
EDITORIAL: How to fix the final season of Smallville
No flights, no tights? That rule should no longer apply. Here are my thoughts on how to save the final half of this show's season, and this includes SPOILERS.