The James Bond Effect
An observation/analysis of a growing trend in the film industry, specifically with comic-book movies.
EDITORIAL: Marvel Studios' Achilles' Heel
Edgar Wright has suddenly departed from Marvel Studios', "Ant-Man", and it has left us all feeling somewhat anxious...but this is not a localized incident. Here's why. (Some very dated but very real spoilers do follow)
VIDEO GAMES: Friday the 13th: Eternal Moonlight
It is a hobby of mine to create theoretical design documents for video games I'd like to see made. This is my idea for a next-gen (current-gen?) video game based on Friday the 13th.
Ghostbusters: Something Old, Something New
We're all holding our breath for a Ghostbusters 3, right? But what will it take for the movie to be successful? Hit the jump for my humble opinion.
Comic Misconceptions: The Walking Dead
There are no zombies in 'The Walking Dead'. Mind blown?
Comic Misconceptions: Lantern Corps Part 2 & Incredible Hulk Secrets
Wrapping up the last article about the Lantern Corps Oath, and then moving on for some incredible "Incredible Hulk" secrets
Comic Misconceptions: Lantern Corps Oath - Part 1
Last week we talked about the many different 'Green Lantern's. This week, we continue by talking about the Lanterns' famous Oath.
Comic Misconceptions: More Than One Green Lantern
In this episode of Comic Misconceptions, we talk about the colorful world of Green Lantern and the Green Lantern corps.
Review: Hannibal - Season 1 Finale
The season finale of Bryan Fuller's 'Hannibal' premiered last night on NBC. Hit the jump for my two cents on the season as a whole and my observations about the finale.
 UPDATED RESPONSE: Why Comic Book Fans Are Still a Subculture
It's no secret that comic books and their various adaptations in the media are mainstream in today's world, but have the comic book fans entered the stream themselves?
Asgardian Safety Warning
What happens when mere mortals discover the legendary hammer of Thor?
Christuffer Reviews: Oblivion
Joseph Kosinski, director of Tron: Legacy, releases his new original sci-fi it a flop, or does Oblivion form a new legacy of it's own? Mild spoilers!.
Christuffer Reviews- The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Is 'The Hobbit' really the disgrace that the movie-going masses claim it to be? SPOILERS
Review: Uncanny Avengers #1 [Marvel Now]
How does Marvel's first series in the "Now!" relaunch stack up? Does the first issue bode well for the future? **SPOILER ALERT**
Cabin in the Woods: A Very Late Review
Thoughts about Joss Whedon's horror flick
Podcast: Nerdsync
Sync up with the newest podcast for comic-book fans and nerds alike, brand new on iTunes
Journey Through Darkness
I need some feedback, badly. Can I get some help from my CBM pals?
Star Trek TNG: 25th Anniversary Event
See if the event is coming to your neck of the woods, it's a must for fans!
VIDEO GAMES: Dead Space 3 is On it's Way
Details have emerged concerning the sequel to the massive 2011 hit
VIDEO GAMES: Tron Online
An idea for an MMO based on Tron
VIDEO GAMES: Gamespot Talks about Shepard's Final Hurrah in ME3
An in-depth discussion about Mass Effect 3's many different possibilities **MEGA SPOILERS**
VIDEO GAMES: The Many Editions of Assassin's Creed III
Check out what you can get for pre-ordering the game!
VIDEO GAMES: Nifty Things We Know about Assassin's Creed 3
A much needed info drop on Assassin's Creed 3
VIDEO GAMES: Mass Effect 3 -- All is Forgiven?
The latest rumors about an upcoming DLC that will solve all current problems that fans have **(Mostly Spoiler Free)**
UPDATE: 'Futurama' Live-Action Film Screenplay
An update of my previously released preview for my 'Futurama' screenplay