QUADRANT 4-63 #1
Nova here with an original script for a series I'm working on to somewhat work in tandem with my OAU Silver Surfer. Hope you guys enjoy it, hit the jump to check it out...
Final Moments: Spidey & Venom
What would happen if Peter Parker and Eddie Brock were facing certain death with only each other for company. I wrote this little piece when that very question came into my head recently. Hope you guys like it.
While watching Thor: The Dark World I noticed something in the library that intrigued me. After doing a little more digging, you won't believe the conclusion I've come to. Hit the jump to check it out.
EDITORIAL: Passion In CBM Fans
No matter what comics you read, you're passionate about something. Whether that be a guy with gadgets, a girl who can fly or whatever, you have a passion for a particular character or indeed team. But how far do we take that passion? Hit the jump to hear my thoughts...
Nova's Funhouse: cipher's Vacation (Among Other Things)
Our very own cipher embarks upon an epic romp through Detroit in which he'll encounter many weird and whacky wonders. He'll chug out with Gusto, buy art from Doopie and overhear an argument between feuding members. Hit the jump to check it out!
EDITORIAL: The Possible Identities of The Other
It's not a particularly popular topic, but it is one that could do with some addressing. Little is known of this character, yet he seems to be the most overlooked. Why is he shrouded in so much secrecy? Hit the jump to see who he might be and make your own speculations!
Nova's Funhouse: Greetings Thundercats, HEY-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH!
When we left off in part one, the gang of toons had settled in at a house for the night. Now, something camp as hell this way comes, as Michaelangello departs and heads back to the sewers...
EDITORIAL: Why I'm Almost Certain The Gentleman is Ezekiel In TASM2
With the TASM2 trailers we've seen eels are involved with Electro's inception as well as Vulture's wings and Ock's tentacles. What does any f this have to do with Michael Massee's "The Gentleman" you may ask? Well, hit the jump to see what I'm thinking.
Nova's Funhouse: Deadpool Moves Out
My wifi failed, I haven't been on the internet for a week and a half. So, I'm suffering from nostalgia and I decided to end the very first Funhouse I ever wrote. Hit the jump to check it out...
EDITORIAL: Plot Analysis: Infinity Crusade Book One
It's no secret that comic book arcs tend to have a subliminal meaning behind them. Some are of course, much more apparent than others. Having just finished reading the first part to Infinity Crusade, I felt like posting an analysis of the story, it's themes and messages. Hit the jump to hear my thoughts...
Nova's Funhouse: What's Up G-g-ghost? Like Zoinks, Pinky, Cowabunga, Dude!
Bet you thought these were over! Far from it, friends! I'm taking a break from my Silver Surfer scripts to have a bit of a chuckle with a new Funhouse. You've probably guessed the theme of this particular one just from the title. Hit the jump to confirm your suspicions!
CBM OAU: For Your Consideration Silver Surfer Excerpt
Hey, guys, NovaCorpsFan here. I just started the script for my Silver Surfer arc and this is the opening narrative (which I finished this morning, I'm moving ahead with the rest of the script now). So, I figured I'd post it on here and see what you guys think before I go posting the entire issue. Also, if you fancy doing the art, my contact details are contained within.
Nova's Funhouse: The Four Metallic Arms
Sorry for the delay, wifi was acting up. Anyway, here's the last Christmas edition of the Funhouse. The villains have all decided to get pissed in Doc Ock's bar, The Four Metallic Arms. Hijinks are sure to follow. Hit the jump to check it out...
Nova's Funhouse: Luke's Christmas Party
Luke Cage is holding a festive party in his home for some of the more street level heroes. Any super-hero gathering tends to get a bit weird when under the Funhouse banner, and this will be no different.
NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: The Guardians Are Introduced To Christmas
Star Lord tries in vain to get his teammates to understand the concept of Christmas. Things quickly get awry, when the gift giving doesn't go down well with the majority of the team members...
NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: Deadpool's Christmas Speech
Just like the queen of England, Deadpool gets to make a televised speech at Christmas time. Whacky antics are sure to follow in this special Christmas Funhouse. Hit the jump to see what Deadpool has to say to all you merry-makers out there!
NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: Christmas With The X-Men
It's Christmas day at the X-Mansion and everybody's enjoying their festive dinner, even Wolverine! Hit the jump to check out what goes down in this special Christmas Funhouse.
NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: Christmas With The Avengers
Even the mightiest heroes celebrate Christmas. The Avengers awake on Christmas morning in Avengers Tower to find Santa has been very generous this year. Hit the jump to see what happens in this special Christmas Funhouse.
NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: Christmas With The FF
It's Christmas morning in the Baxter Building and the Fantastic 4 are gathered around the tree opening their various gifts. Hit the jump to find out what happens in this special Christmas Funhouse!
The Villains I'm Most Anticipating In The MCU
With all the MCU villain articles lately, I decided to make a list of the villains I'm most looking forward to hitting the big screen from Captain America: The Winter Soldier right up to Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Hit the jump to check it out.
FEAUTURE: NovaCorpsFan's Christmas Wishlist
Figured I'd join the trend and share with all you people what I'd like for Christmas. Might even get yourselves a gift idea from the list, so hit the jump for yet another Christmas wishlist!
NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: Meeting of the Villains
The first of the get together funhouses. Some of your favourite villains get together to discuss their maniacal ways and exchange notes. Madness is sure to ensue in this instalment of Nova's Funhouse!
EDITORIAL: Can A Villain Movie Work?
I pose you the question, can a movie that centers around an antagonist do well not only financially but critically? I'm gonna look at the villain spectrum and try to answer that question. Hit the jump to check it out!
NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: The Conference
Dr. Doom encounters his biggest challenge yet. The Brain... from Pinky and the Brain... yeah, strap yourselves in, this is gonna be a heckuva ride.
NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: Daredevil And Iron Fist Play Jenga
I have been inspired to write a new Funhouse instalment after seeing SoulEater's freakin' incredible crossover comic. The title says it all, friends. The title says it all...