Trailer For Antonio Banderas' Upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller AUTOMATA Is Actually Pretty Great
So, this one has kind of come out of the blue. Hit the jump to check out a trailer for an upcoming dystopian sci-fi flick starring Antonio Banderas and a bunch of robots! 'Cause we all love robots!
James Gunn recently expressed his desire to make a Thunderbolts movie. With the success of his first Marvel movie outing, should we consider it a possibility? If so, here are my thoughts on the film and how it could work...
EDITORIAL: The MCU Plot Theory
So, I post a lot of theories, but this is my latest and most comprehensive one yet. Within, I cover just about everything that has happened in the MCU and guess at where it's all going. Intrigued? Well, you know what to do...
NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: You're At A Picnic...
Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern play a game of chess with Plastic-Man as their spectator. When personalities collide, what does the idiot make of the discussions? Find out after the jump.
NOVA'S FUNHOUSE: Playing By The Rules
Deadpool finally gets around to that game of golf with Taskmaster. This one's been looong in the coming, so savour it. Hit the jump to see what lies ahead...
So, in case you live under a rock, you've probably seen all these Star Wars Episode VII leaks recently. What the hell's all that about? Anyway, it seemed like something I could target comedically, so hit the jump to witness sheer lunacy at its finest!
You've seen the movie, now watch this parody trailer from the folks over at Screen Team on YouTube! The video features a parodied version of Blue Swede's Hooked On A Feelin'.
New DUMB AND DUMBER TO Posters Parody Luc Besson's LUCY
Hit the jump to check out two new Dumb And Dumber To posters that parody Scarlett Johansson's new movie, Lucy. They're simple, but effective...
EDITORIAL: The Infinity Stones And Thanos' Grand Scheme Theory SPOILERS
With Guardians now out and our knowledge of the Infinity Stones at an all-time high, I've taken an in-depth look at everything regarding the stones and have compiled this theory. Read on if you so wish...
Screenshot From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Gives Us A Look At Some Of Collector's Collection
A screenshot from the Marvel film has popped up online, with two characters labelled; one being very obvious, the other not so much. Come check out the image to judge for yourself.
POEM: Ode To A Herald
On top of writing scripts, I also dabble in a bit of poetry from time to time. Up until recently, I'd never written one based around comics but then I wrote this tribute to the Silver Surfer. Hit the jump to check it out.
Nova Reviews: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3D - It Was The Movie I Knew It Would Be And Then Some SPOILERS
Despite the fact I saw the film on July 31st I figured I'd wait a while before I posted a review because there's no way I can express my full opinions of this film without spoiling it. Hit the jump to see what I thought of the movie!
With Dr. Strange officially being on Marvel's list of upcoming movies, and the fact I've been reading a few of his stories lately, I decided to give my two cents on how I'd make a Dr. Strange film . Check it out after the jump!
FAN MADE: Awesome AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Minimalist Poster
Hit the jump if you want to check out a really cool, simplistic minimalist fan-poster for Marvel Studios' upcoming sequel, Avengers Age of Ultron.
FAN-SCRIPT: Continuation Of Deadpool Test Footage
At this stage I'm sure pretty much everybody has seen the Deadpool test footage. I loved that little snippet so much I figured I'd take a jab at writing a little bit more of the scene. Hit the jump to check out the script!
So, SDCC has been finished for a grand total of three days and people are still in debate over who *ahem* "won". Well, let this Funhouse put the debate to rest. Hit the jump to read the script.
EDITORIAL: Have Marvel Studios Spoiled Their Fans?
It's no secret that the Marvel Studios fanbase is quite large and unrelenting in a lot of cases. But have Marvel inadvertently spoiled their own fanbase beyond repair? Hit the jump to read my thoughts on the matter.
EDITORIAL: Why I Love Writing
I'm a writer, as the title would suggest, but there's something almost primal about my passion for it that I figured I'd vent into an article for all to read. Hit the jump to find out what it is about writing that makes me so passionate about it.
COMICS: Dan Abnett Talks About His Upcoming GUARDIANS 3000 Series
A while back we learned that the original Guardians of the Galaxy would be receiving their own series in October of this year. Come see what legendary comic scribe Dan Abnett has to say about his series after the jump!
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY:  James Gunn Gives Us  A Look At Some Of The Ravagers
James Gunn has been very kind in offering BTS looks at various things from the upcoming Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. Here, he shares a look at himself with Michael Rooker's Yondu and some other members of the space pirate crew, The Ravagers.
James Gunn Shares A View At Some Props From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY
James Gunn recently took to Instagram to give us all a look at some of the props used by the prisoners of the Kyln in the upcoming Marvel ensemble. Hit the jump to look at the various alien weaponry!
EDITORIAL: Speculations Regarding Vision and Ultron in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
With news for the anticipated sequel mere hours from pouring in, I thought I'd toss out some speculations regarding the characters of Vision and Ultron and their dynamic in the movie. Hit the jump to check it out...
Hello my fellow CBMers, Nova here with a review of the hotly anticipated sequel to 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes. If you wanna know what I thought about the film, with no spoilers, hit the jump to check out my review!
Punisher has opened a bar and some of our favourite anti-heroes have popped in for a drink. Things are bound to get weird with this lot about! Hit the jump to check out the script!
EDITORIAL: Directors I'd Like To See Helming Future CBMs
The director tends to be the two most influential aspects of a movie and when you're adapting a beloved character, only the best can be accepted. Hit the jump to see who I think should direct movies for popular super heroes.