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Punisher has opened a bar and some of our favourite anti-heroes have popped in for a drink. Things are bound to get weird with this lot about! Hit the jump to check out the script!
EDITORIAL: Directors I'd Like To See Helming Future CBMs
The director tends to be the two most influential aspects of a movie and when you're adapting a beloved character, only the best can be accepted. Hit the jump to see who I think should direct movies for popular super heroes.
EDITORIAL: Humour And How It's Handled In Comic Book Movies
Humour is one of the most subjective things on this good Earth. Lately, it seems people just don't want it around, people seem to think a film, especially a comic book film, is silly if there's so much as an ounce of humour. Hit the jump to hear my thoughts on the topic.
Possible First VERY Low Quality Look At Thanos From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Promo Art?
Some new promo art has surfaced in something that appears to be a calendar for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Amongst it, we have a very low quality glimpse at some of Thanos. Check it out after the jump...
EDITORIAL: Characters That Could Appear In Future Cosmic Marvel Movies
With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy drawing ever nearer and the prospect of a high box office opening, I figured I'd share my thoughts on characters that could be adapted to the big screen in later instalments to the cosmic Marvel franchise.
EDITORIAL: Interpreting Batman Villains
Now, I'm not much of an expert on Batman, I know the bare minimum about the character and I've read one or two Batman comics in my lifetime. But I was thinking about his villains earlier and decided to set my writings down here on CBM. Hit the jump for my thoughts.
Cosmo and Lockjaw are being kept in an intergalactic kennel while the Inhumans and the Annihilators are off elsewhere. Using his telepathy, Cosmo strikes up a conversation with everyone's favourite giant teleporting mutt.
Remember the scene in Lion King where Scar is holding Mufasa over the ledge and the wildebeest stampede is beneath them? Yeah, well here's my interpretation. Hope you enjoy it!
Blade is hunting down a group of vamps he's caught wind of that have been generating too much buzz. He goes to wipe 'em out, only to discover just how truly evil they are.
I was having a healthy discussion with a friend about Guardians as it is only weeks away at this point. He raised the point that he reckons a certain team member might bite the dust in the film. Now that I've pondered on it, I've developed a theory.
EDITORIAL: Nova's Top Five: Non-Cosmic Marvel Villains
Hey gang, Nova here, and given that Carnage and Hobgoblin have just been announced to be receiving their own I figured I'd write a little piece on my top five favourite Marvel villains that reside in this mortal realm. Hit the jump to check it out!
Yesterday, we learned that the original Guardians of the Galaxy will be receiving an ongoing series in the October month. But just who are these guys and why should you read the series? Read on and you'll find out!
COMICS: Original GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY To Get An Ongoing Series In October
The Guardians of the year 3000 will be getting their own ongoing series come October this year. Hit the jump to check out the full story!
EDITORIAL: Thoughts On The Flash Pilot [SPOILER FREE]
So, the CW's Flash t.v. pilot recently leaked online and I managed to watch it. As a guy who's never read a Flash comic, I figured I'd chip in my two cents regarding the episode and whether or not my interests were peaked. And if you don't wanna be spoiled, read on, because I won't be doing any spoiling!
Character Concept: As Yet Untitled.
Nova here with a fresh character concept I'd like some second opinions on. It's been floating around in my head for about three weeks now, but I figured I'd get some opinions on it before I take it any further than the planning stage.
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