Bobo's AGENT CARTER Review - S1 Ep.3 (Time and Tide)
'Agent Carter' is off to a great start and 'Time and Tide' keeps the momentum going. With Jarvis in trouble Peggy must make sacrifices in order to save her friend and the mission, plus she fights a big dude! Check out my review!
Bobo's THE FLASH Review - S1 Ep.11 (The Sound and The Fury)
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Bobo's ARROW Review - S3 Ep.10 (Left Behind)
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Bobo's THE FLASH Review - S1 Ep.10 (Revenge of the Rogues)
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Bobo's BLACKHAT Review
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Bobo's AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - S2 Ep.1 (Shadows)
Absorbing Man, Peggy and HYDRA Oh my! Agents of SHIELD's second season starts off with a bang, check out my review after the jump!
Bobo's Gotham Review - Ep.1 (Pilot)
Feeling a bit more CSI then DC, Gotham tries to cram in as many comic flavored Easter eggs as possible at the expense of narrative and direction. Great performances keep the episode afloat but as an entry point into the most hyped show of the season Gotham misses the mark.
Bobo's EXPENDABLES 3 Review
More explosions, a bigger cast, all too similar story. The Expendables 3 continues the legacy of the previous two films. Whether that's good or bad, check out my review to find out!
Is Sin City 2 really worth killing for? The sequel combines great comic visuals and titillating action (among other things) for a not so stellar film. Here are my thoughts.
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Marvel Animation has just released a new entry into their “Heroes United” line, this time featuring Iron-man and Cap. Do the two Avengers come together to create something truly mighty? Not really…
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Bobo's HERCULES (2014) Review
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Constantine Review (Ep.1 - Pilot)
The year ahead is primed for a DC takeover with The Flash, Gotham and Constantine all premiering and Arrow diving into its third season. Having recently caught an early version of the pilot, check out what I thought of the upcoming supernatural drama, Constantine.
The much anticipated sequel to 2011's 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' has finally hit theaters worldwide. Landing too much acclaim across the board, check out below to see if all the hype amounted to anything.
Ben Foster's Character in the Upcoming 'Warcraft' Revealed!
The first concrete character details emerge as Ben Foster reveals his mystery 'Warcraft' character to IGN. Check below for details!
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 - Where Do We Go From Here?
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Expanding the 'Spideyverse' - 5 Potential Spin-offs
With TASM2 in theatres and plans for a full cinematic universe in place I thought it apt to take a look at some properties with spin-off potential. Maybe Sony will take a few hints and reconsider that "no one but Peter Parker" thing. Check out my thoughts below and tell me what you think!
Casting Sony's 'Sinister Six'
With the recent release of TASM2 and the future of the 'Spideyverse' cemented for the next few years I thought it a good time to voice my opinion on who I think should be cast in the upcoming 'Sinister Six' spin-off. Come in and take a look at who I believe should have a shot to bring these iconic villains to life!
AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Review (Ep. 21 - Ragtag)
Unable to keep up the long streak of incredible episodes, 'Ragtag' returns to some of the issues found in the seasons earliest entries. The penultimate episode does have its redeeming qualities however, come check out this weeks review of AoS episode 21!