Neil Gaiman's Sandman Being Adapted as a TV Series
Warner Bros is hard at work acquiring the rights to the widely popular, Vertigo comic series based around the endeavors of Morpheus, the Dream Lord.
EXCLUSIVE: Fox Wants Bruce Willis to Voice The Thing in Fantastic Four
The studio behind the F4 reboot is interested in signing the action movie icon to be the voice behind The Thing, which will be completely CG animated.
DARKCHYLDE Live-Action Test Footage & Images from WETA Workshop
MATURE AUDIENCE WARNING! The Academy Award winning effects studio is hard at work helping to bring the massively popular 90's comic DARKCHYLDE to the big screen.
EXCLUSIVE: Three Directors in Contention for New Fantastic Four Franchise
Casting is already underway for Fox's superhero family reboot, and now we know three of the candidates the studio is pursuing to helm the first film.
EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Moyer Being Pursued to Portray Fantastic Four's Doctor Doom
According to a studio source, Fox is attempting to sign the True Blood actor for their reboot of Fantastic Four; PLUS other story and casting updates.
Has the Captain America & Thor Movie Footage Been Confirmed for the Iron Man 2 Blu-Ray?
A recently released sizzle reel has given major validity to the claim first reported here that other Marvel movies will be center stage for the film's home release.
EXCLUSIVE: Amber Heard Being Pursued for Fantastic Four Reboot
The young actress is one of the candidates FOX is interested in signing as the Invisible Woman for their new Fantastic Four movie franchise, if the film is ever green lit.
EXCLUSIVE: Possible Final Designs of Seven Ring-Slinging Aliens
Could these be the final CGI renderings of several Lantern Corps members from the live-action Green Lantern movie? Follow the jump to see Boodikka, Salaak, Morro and more...
Peter Sarsgaard Favored the Green Lantern Movie Script Over the Comics
When asked whether his research into the immense Green Lantern comics mythology helped his portrayal of Hector Hammond for the film, Sarsgaard admitted to turning to the script for guidance.
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Jaimie Alexander from Marvel's THOR
The actress who is bringing Lady Sif to life on the big screen briefly about her experience on the THOR movie set as well as her arduous training for the role.
EXCLUSIVE: Alice Eve Requested to be Released from X-Men: First Class
The announcement last night that actress January Jones had taken over the role of Emma Frost in the X-Men prequel confused many fans, find out the reasons behind Ms. Eve's departure after the jump...
Mark Strong Talks About Sinestro, Tomar-Re & Kilowog in Green Lantern
The comic book movie veteran describes his place in the film and why his time on the set was so late into production, as well as the characters he has already seen designs for.
EXCLUSIVE: Possible Final Design of Tomar-Re from Green Lantern
Here is your first look at a CGI rendering of Tomar-Re, Hal Jordan's spiritual guide, in the DC comics adaptation Green Lantern. Is this what the character will look like in the finished film?
New Trailer for The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Check out the latest, and longest, trailer for the new Disney XD animated series featuring a detailed look at the team as well as villains in season one.
Peter Sarsgaard Talks More About His Green Lantern Villain Role
Staying in tune with one of the themes of Green Lantern, actor Peter Sarsgaard divulges his most fearful moment during filming.
Cast Member Shares Thoughts on Captain America Movie Scene & Suit
One of the members of Chris Evans/Steve Rogers' fictional unit talks briefly about a recently shot scene he was a part of as well as the title character's 1940s suit...
EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Bzzd from Green Lantern Movie
Take a gander at director Martin Campbell's favorite Lantern Corps member, in this CGI rendering for the live action film.
SPOILER WARNING: Details of Green Lantern Movie Villains Revealed
Major Plot Spoiler Warning! Want to know more about the two villains in DC's Green Lantern live action film? Follow the jump to read all about them...
FIRST LOOK: Ric Reitz as The President in Green Lantern
Check out this high quality still taken on the Green Lantern movie set featuring the President of the United States addressing a concerned nation.
Green Lantern Comic to Feature First Official Look at Corps Member from Live Action Film
Fans who have been waiting for Warner Bros to officially release images from next summer's Green Lantern movie only have to until October for the next big reveal.
EXCLUSIVE: Green Lantern Movie's Kilowog Revealed
From the recently wrapped Green Lantern movie set, here is what could be the first look of the ring-slinging drill instructor Kilowog!
What If? 1952 The Avengers Movie Trailer
What if... the Avengers movie was created years before the actual comic book? One fan took the time to find out. Check out Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Giant Man, Hawkeye & Wasp in The Avengers movie that never was...
Green Lantern Animated Series Does Not Follow Film; Will Feature Red Lantern Corps
The animated series set to premiere on Cartoon Network next year will not follow the storyline set in the live-action film, but will be closer to the story in the modern comics.
EXCLUSIVE: Batman 3 May Film in New Orleans
Warner Bros hopes to take advantage of the current tax incentives and strike a deal that will move half of the filming of Chris Nolan's next Batman movie to the Big Easy
EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Pennington Joins Fathom 3D
The actor and musician has signed a multi-picture deal with Fox to star in the aquatic, comic book adaptation created by Micheal Turner