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EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Green Hornet, Transformers 3 & Thundercats Teaser Posters
Catch a glimpse of the official teaser posters revealed today for some of next summer's big-budget studio pictures after the jump...
EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros Superhero Expo Image Gallery
Green Lantern is center stage at this year's Licensing Expo, but Warner Bros/DC hasn't forgotten about their other heroes. Check out these images of the studio's gigantic banners and posters, along with an explanation of the Anyone Can Be Chosen tag line!
EXCLUSIVE: Captain America & THOR Movie Logos Confirmed!
The images we posted here last week have proven to be the official movie logos for Marvel Studios' Captain America: The First Avenger and THOR.
New Pictures from the Set of Transformers 3 Reveal Trucks, Planes and Cast
Filming for the Transformers three-quel is underway; check out these images of the Autobots, drones and new cast member Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the movie set; Plus, an update of the film's tentative D.C. shooting location.
Was the Green Lantern Ring Design Changed for the Upcoming Movie?
Images circulating the net have many fans wondering why Hal Jordan's ring doesn't look like the comic book version; was this design changed solely for the film?
Neal McDonough Confirmed as Dum Dum Dugan in Captain America
Not only is he already growing out the infamous Dugan 'stache, but he will sport the character's trademark Bowler hat as well. Follow to jump to hear his thoughts on Nick Fury's Howling Commandos...
Creator of Leaked Captain America Teaser Poster Steps Forward to Debunk the Rumor
Dutch graphic designer Paul Poppenburg contacted ComicBookMovie directly and officially lays to rest the claim his image has any association with the Marvel Studios' film.
Another (Possible) Captain America Movie Logo Hits the Net has just posted what could be one of the official logos for Captain America: The First Avenger; and it looks very similar to the one revealed here last week. Check it out after the jump...
KICK-ASS DVD & Blu-Ray Specs Revealed
Check out the cover art and details for the August 3rd store (on Digital Download) release of KICK-ASS; Plus, a SNEAK PEAK Special Features Video
New THOR Set Photos Show Glimpse of Constructed City
One of the crew members for Marvel's THOR managed to snap a few pics of the Galisteo, NM set where the production crew built a mock city specifically for the shoot.
Iron Man 2 Mark V Racetrack Battle Concept Art
Over 40 image for the Whiplash/Monaco battle scene have been revealed showcasing step-by-step conceptual designs in various mediums.
CONFIRMED! First Promotional Art of the Green Lantern Movie Costume and Ring Revealed!
ComicBookMovie receives confirmation that this is Warner Bros. Consumer Products official artwork of (part of) Hal Jordan's uniform, his Green Lantern ring, and the movie logo!
VIDEOS: Industrial Light & Magic on Iron Man 2
Check out these videos featuring ILM artists showing a behind-the-scenes look at the computer graphic imaging used for the superhero sequel Iron Man 2; Plus, an ending to the first film that may have worked better...
Sneak Peak of Green Lantern Movie Merchandise at 2010 Licensing Expo
The largest marketing expo of the year is ready to kick off, and our ring-slinging hero will be front and center! Hear what Geoff Johns, Donald De Line and my own Warner Bros source have to say about it.
Captain America's Movie Costume Finally Revealed!
Several days ago we read the first description of Cap's duds for his upcoming solo flick; now see the high resolution images for yourself!
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