MrSotoMan Pitches: The Fantastic Four
Starting off a fresh new segment for CBM readers called MrSotoMan Pitches, our first pitch for the week will be none other than Fantastic Four. With fans having such a horrible reception to the new movie before release, I thought it would be great to add what I would do with the franchise. Take a look with me!
12 Angry Nerds
So, lets take a gander to who we are, lets take a moment to see how we are on CBM.
Comic Book Movie. The site of all comic book movie related news and editorials or even comics themselves. A normal site like everything else, it seems harmless nonetheless. One thing that strikes into the heart of the site are its fans.
MrSotoMan here with a new special I will be doing every year or so on upcoming movies, and nothing is more appeasing to the fanboy eye then predicting what the final outcome of the movie will be. Good or bad, predictionaire is here to figure it out just for you!
MrSotoMans: Top 7 Comics Growing Up!
We pretty much all watch the comic book movies, but did we as a kid actually read the comics prior to the movie? I happen to...well sort of. Here is my Top 7 Comics Growing Up into adulthood.
Given that I really dislike the first movie in the rebooted universe. It pretty much took a lot of convincing to prove to me that this universe is worth watching another time. Since I saw it early, no choice but to watch but does it hold up to make me continue for the spin-offs plus sequels?
MrSotoMans EDITORIALS: Tom Rothman: The Forgotten Enemy
We all have a distinguished hate towards a certain studio *cough* FOX *cough* but some kind of realize that it isn't all so bad and that something beyond our power and control can be someone to blame. Even though his power has been revoked from being CEO, who is this menace known as TOM ROTHMAN *hint* He's from hell.*hint*
After having the game for a certain amount of time and finally beating it, how does this South Park game hold up? Is it just a crappy cash-in, or does stand up true the shows accuracy of being funny and entertaining?
After seeing the early release of the movie, I finally got a chance to actually review the movie, so what do I think of it? Here's my review and experience, plus personal feelings of the future of the MCU & Agents of SHIELD?
THE GHOST- Upcoming Web Series
The Ghost is an upcoming web series being developed by me on a different take on mask vigilantes. Check it out for story/what to expect/when to expect/release date!
21334343748734656 billionth review of TDKR on this site, but what did I think, here is my in depth look at the conclusion of THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY!
SPIDER MAN 3- How it Should Have Been and What it Could Have Been
Spider-Man 3 was a successful box office film, but critically and from fan opinions it is the worst, but I'm going to look at what it should of been and what could of been of this movie that died!
Ghostbusters 3 and the Potential Future!
Ghostbusters 3 is being released soon, but what is it going to be about? Is it what the fans want and what the fans are dieing to see? Or will it be worse than Ghostbusters 2?
What Could and Couldn't Happen in The Dark Knight Rises
What can we expect from the movie, what is going to happen WHAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN? What can we see happen in the final movie in the trilogy.
People have had a huge question on their mind, should X-Men be rebooted and sent to Marvel or should they continue the franchise?