Bus Featuring The Daily Bugle on the Set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2
My friend was in the city today, and managed to send me some pictures.
Donald Glover as Spider-Man fan Trailer
A fan trailer mixing clips between NBC's Community and the film Mystery Team to make what could be a Spider-Man film staring Donald Glover
Ryan Reynolds Discusses Deadpool Movie with Acción Magazine(And Green Lantern)
Acci magazine has posted a new video interview with Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern, and at the end of the interview they ask him about the Deadpool movie.
Joss Whedon's 'Cabin In The Woods' With 'Thor's Chris Hemsworth Going To Lionsgate
After YEARS of not being Distributed, Cabin in the woods has found a home.
Joss Whedon Says Work Being Done on Dr. Horrible Sequel!
3 years ago Joss Whedon and his family made Dr.Horrible. It had a very low budget, and it was writen during the writer's strike. It became a cult webseries and now whedon discusses a sequel in the work.
C2E2 gets first look at Ultimate Spider-Man
Now I don't have a clip of this preview,but i do have a full description thanks to IGN.com.
Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' Cast Responds To Critics
The cast of the failed musical respond to the negative reviews from critics.
'Spider-Man' Musical's Spokesman Calls Negative Reviews 'Uncool'
An Interview with a spokesperson for the spider-man Musical says the negative reviews are "uncool".
Andrew Garfield on the Pressures of Playing Spider-Man
The Actor talks about his opinion on how his life will be after potraying Spider-Man...
Deadpool Suicide Kings Motion Comic (Fan Made)
So a young fan decided to take Marvels Mini Series Deadpool Suicide Kings and make his own motion comic. He even took the time to get people to do voices.
Xander calls Buffy remake a mistake.
a year ago we heard Alison Hannigan call buffy remake a mistake now Nicholas Brendon critisizes it.
Is The Deadpool Movie Even Happening?
A tweet from Deadpool's Creator Rob Liefeld may lead people to believe that the solo movie touted for Wade Wilson starring Ryan Reynolds may be in some trouble..
Josh Hutcherson's Spider-Man Audition
Yes, we all know that Andrew Garfield got the role of Peter Parker/Spiderman, but from this audition tape, maybe they made the wrong decision. Your thoughts?