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MAN OF STEEL Is Named Best Movie Of 2013 In 2nd Annual Fan Choice Awards!
It looks like another site has voted Zack Snyder's Superman reboot as the best movie of 2013; Screen Crush 2nd Annual Fan Choice Award. Click on for more details and leave your thoughts in the usual place.
Is Warner Rebranding 'Batman Vs. Superman'?
Did we miss something with last Friday's announcement by WB casting Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons? I sure did!
Man of Steel lights In the Sky update
Scheduled filming at the Kent farm for Batman vs. Superman.
MAN OF STEEL Fan Page Reporting Lights In The Sky At Kent Farm
Looks like there's possible some filming going on at the Kent farm tonight or at the very least, crews are preparing for future filming. Will Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) leave his million dollar Wayne Manor to shuck some corn with Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) on the Kent Farm?
Dc Universe Much, Much Further Along.
Listening to an old review of MOS it was mentioned that Ben Affleck turned down directing the film. I looked it up and saw that he also turned down directing Justice League. Old news yes but, what does that tell us about the future of the DCCU.
Wonder Woman Movie... Whats The Problem WB?
There have been talks, rumors, and a close start to headlining Wonder Woman in her own movie or TV series for a long time. My thoughts on what it would take and the mistakes WB is making concerning one of DC’s most powerful characters.
DC vs. Marvel
We come to this site because we share a common interest. COMIC BOOK MOVIES!
Man of Steel: Your Thoughts.
Man of Steel has divided Superman fans, CBM fans, and the general audience. Please help me collect information for a research article about how this movie has affected you.