Brandon Routh is a pretty nice guy!
Trek Nation-Debuts years in the making
This isn’t your average Trekkie Documentary. Best one to date!
William Shatner said what about Star Wars?
The age old geek debate continues! Star Trek or Star Wars which is the winner?
Harold & Kumar actor casts in Total Recall
John Cho is added to the list of other well known actor/actresses.
Vin opens up on Riddick 3
Vin giving fans some say so on Riddick 3.
Akira... An American-Made Tale?
Asian-American actors get shafted out of their own movies.
DC: Drawing The Line at $2.99
Who likes price increases? No one really does, but why in times of a down economy do we have to go up all the time?
Duke is coming back, HELL YEAH!!
Shooting in the Wastelands has never been so fun!
Bleach Returns to Adult Swim & offered on iTunes
Anime Lover's rejoyce Bleach starts again. If you like Anime U NEED TO CHECK OUT THE SERIES! But the States are behind on a lot of things!
New Debut of DBZ KAI
Goku Returns! on Nicktoons Tonight!
Do you find the Philosophy of Star Trek Appealing?
This isn't just for Trekkies/Trekkers. For all for a better tomorrow!
Discovery Science Channel Has Found the X-Men & Others
Collaboration with Hawksblueyes! In addition to Jman's History Channel Article Kapow! Superhero Science
U. S. Senator Disses Anime - Says, Two Nukes wasn't enough!
This is why politics, comics, & anime don't mix well sometimes!
Is Nintendo ready for Hollywood to make movies with its properties again?
No one is more protective of there gaming properties than Nintendo!
Silverhawks may not have a huge following like the Thundercats, but it was just as good!
Did you know George Lucas had a dark secret?
The god of sci-fi seemed to have a devilish moment back in the day.
Is it in the Physics?
We know Cap was created with a chemically enhance serum. But what part would physics play in others. I found this in hall way in the Durham Science Center @ UNO. Actually its been up here for a while. So I thought you would find this interesting. Stay tuned to part 2 of this physics series.
Top 5 reason CBR's to watch the Winter Olympics Games
United we stand, Divide we fall! TRULY.
Darth Vader Beats Cancer
Not even cancer can keep down a Dark Lord of the Sith!
SyFy & Atari Strike a Partnership with Star Trek
MMO are making a big comback since WOW!
Zackary Quinto Clarifies His Statement
He will always be the new Spock!
Generation X - 1996
If your a product of the 80's/90's as Iam you probably forgot about this little gem.
The Next Evolution in GAMING PERIOD!
As I slowly wait for the new motherboards with the new Hydra tech to come out next year, I am also waiting for this new tech on Video Games as well...
The Gladiator is back!
Age of Apocalypse is Coming...Maybe
Marvel must have heard our cries over the past decade or so. Get ready for Season II of Wolverine & the X-Men!