The Crow: Mercy is for the Weak.
This is my very own original story based on the Crow. Please hit the jump to read it. I woked very hard on it.
The Underrated CBM Review - The Crow City of Angels
The first installment my Underrated Film review series of the sequel to the Crow.
Smallvile Finale Review by Superbatspiderman
What I thought of the final adventure of Clark Kent and the new adventure of Superman.
Fantastic Four Fan Cast
How I think a Fantastic Four movie should be.
Santaman Fan Film.
This is a fan film about if Sant Clause was a super hero. Enjoy
Batman vs. The Punisher
The Dark Knight vs. Death's Deadlist Servant. Who wins this one?
Rorschach vs. V
Who would win in this fight between two of Alan Moore's greatest characters.
Superman Chapter 3 Fan Fic
This is the 3rd in istallment of my Superman story so enjoy...
Superman Chapter 2 Fan Fic
This is the sequel to my Superman story that should be the basis of any good Superman movie.
Some movies that should be re-made.
I think that some movies need to be re-made since the idea was good, but it just didn't work out the first time.
Danny Phantom Fan Cast
This is how I would like to see a live action version of the hit cartoon Danny Phantom.
Superman Chapter 1 Fan Cast and Story
this is the way a Superman movie should be done and if you want to see it please check out this article.
Disney's Spider-Man Reboot
What if Disney's takeover of Marvel ended up in a monstrosity like what I am about to show you.

This is not a serious fan cast.
The Top 10 Coolest CBM Villains
My picks for the coolest comic book movie villains.
Dragonball Z Fan Cast
How a Dragonball movie should be made and the cast that can make it great.
Who should play the Riddler in Batman 3.
The candidates for the people who should play the Riddler in the next Batman movie.
Ghost Rider (Reboot)
How Ghost Rider should be done in a movie and who should play the characters.
Who Is Your Favorite Super Villain?
Everyone has a favorite super villain. What is yours?
Batman (Nolanverse) Villains and supporting characters (UPDATED)
Villains and supporting characters for Chris Nolan's Batman universe.
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Fan cast of everyone's favorite teen super team.
Splinter Cell Movie Fan cast
The cast to the best stealth video game series ever.
Clash of the Titans review By SUPERBATSPIDERMAN
Is the Clash of the Titans worth your money or is it a movie you should pass on.
Batman 3 Fan Fic
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Final Fantasy 7 Fan Cast
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Men in Black 3 (updated)
A prequel to the Men in Black series.