Michael Myers is Back Again! New HALLOWEEN Film, HALLOWEEN RETURNS Announced!
The popular Halloween film franchise is kicking up another stir with a new film "Halloween Returns" announced to follow the previous reboots as done by Rob Zombie, hit the jump for more!
Paramount Pictures Slashes Back FRIDAY THE 13th Reboot To 2016
If you were excited to see the ever so machete loving maniac Jason on the screen once again this year you're going to have to wait a little longer as Paramount shifted the film from it's 2015 release date to 2016, hit the jump for more and on when you can see the movie hit in 2016!
LOONEY TUNES Spin-Off Movie ACME In The Works With X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Writers
If your not too old for Looney Tunes as of now then you will be excited for this news as another feature film is currently in development with the writers of X-Men: First Class. Hit the jump for more!
Jacky`s (PsychoManiacJacky) Top 4 Music Tracks From Comic Book Films
Music is what can make or break a film, especially when the tone needs to be set just right. Here is my list of the top 4 scores that have been featured in comic book films, hit the jump for more!
IRON MAN 3 Star Ben Kingsley Added To The Voice Cast For Jon Favreau's THE JUNGLE BOOK
Well there is an inception of a title! The cast for Jon Favreau and Disney`s reboot of The Jungle Book keeps on getting bigger as Ben Kingsley has recently been added for a voice role, hit the jump for more!
Reboot of 90s Cartoon & Book Series MAGIC SCHOOL BUS Coming To Netflix in 2016!
This news is bound to hit you 90s kids real hard, Netflix has recently ordered for a reboot of the cartoon series MAGIC SCHOOL BUS. Hit the jump for more spectacular news of this amazing discovery!
EDITORIAL: Why The Hulk Should Be Killed Off in Avengers Age of Ultron
The Hulk is not a popular character anymore, and he just plain out sucks in the films. So should they just instantly axe him or should they keep him for more pointless scenes? Hit the jump for more!
Kick-Ass: A Movie Reboot Fan Cast From a True Fan Perspective
A fan favorite film directed by Matthew Vaughn made it into a sequel without him. Now the franchise is stuck in limbo, what other possible options are there? Hit the jump for my idea of a Kick-Ass reboot and how to make it more successful!
Remake of Stephen King's Novel IT Moving Over To New Line Cinema from Warner Bros
The remake of the classic 1990 Stephen King horror "It" has shifted studios from Warner Bros own hands, hit the jump for more details on the progression of this project.
EDITORIAL: Does Every Comic Book Hero Suffer From Multiple Personality Syndrome?
The case of having more than one personality is common and well known today. The fact to become something else and how another side of your own else can often lead to darker effects. But is this case often present in the medium of comic books and why do we not notice it as much? Hit the jump for more!
THOR Actor Idris Elba To Voice The Menacing Tiger Shere Khan in Disney's JUNGLE BOOK Remake
Actor Idris Elba who appeared in the Thor films is set to play Shere Khan in the Jon Favreau directed remake of the Jungle Book distributed by Disney, hit the jump for more!
BATMAN REVELATIONS: A New Cinematic Batman Vision FAN CAST
In a much more different vision than what is being currently planned, here is my own fan idea and cast for a cinematic version of Batman, one of the greatest heroes of all time. Hit the jump for more!
PASTO’S CBM CHAT PARTY: The Untimely Aftermath
Fellow CBM User Pasto recently held a wild party in our beloved CBM Chat Room. Eventually like most parties it came to a close, an aftermath. This is an interview with Pasto about one of the biggest parties to ever happen right here on CBM. Hit the jump fellow readers!
Michael Cera as Doctor Doom in The Fantastic Four Reboot?
Michael Cera a brilliant actor possibly linked to the Fantastic Four reboot? Find out for more as you hit the link!
Spider-Man Dies in Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Spider-Man takes a powerful fall in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as Black Widow cries. This is true or not?
EDITORIAL: Reasons Why The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer Was Terribly Cheesy and Terribly Terrible
Wow what a bad trailer Marvel released, you think they would release a great trailer for an amazing potential upcoming blockbuster but no all we got was just a mixed bag of meh and uh whats. Here is the reasons why I truly think this trailer was a real stinker, read on for more fans!
EDITORIAL: An Open Letter To Comic Books & The World of Creativity Today
Creativity always comes forth when it comes to viewing a comic book, but what is the true factor which drives us to openly see the comic book as we see the world, read on for my thoughts on this interesting subject!
EDITORIAL: Why Isn't There a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer Yet? Uncovering The Truth!
In this intelligently written editorial, we dig deeper into the clues of the past and the present to find out why The Guardians of The Galaxy trailer is not released yet. Read on as this mind bending crumble ends in a twist none of you would expect at all!
EDITORIAL: If JESSE EISENBERG Is Not The Real LEX LUTHOR, Then Who Is? Uncovering The Truth!
In this intelligently written editorial, we dig deeper into the clues of the past and the present to find out who the real Lex Luthor is. Read on as this mind bending crumble ends in a twist none of you would expect at all!
First 13 Minutes of 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE To Screen At Selected Re-Release Showings of 300
If you're excited for 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE prepare to be more excited as the first 13 minutes will be shown at selected re-release showings for 300 on February 4th. Hit the jump for more!
Neil Marshall Chosen To Direct Television Pilot For DC's CONSTANTINE
Director Neil Marshall (The Decent) is the chosen one for the upcoming DC Comic's television show Constantine, which is based on the popular Vertigo comic book series. Hit the jump for more!
EDITORIAL: Envisioning The Greater Known Future Of Comic Book Films
The future of comic book films is coming, but what could it be? How will we get there? Here in this editorial I explore the possibility of the greater known future, and more. Read on and be sure to leave your feedback in the usual place.
EDITORIAL: How a Shazam Film Would Work Greatly Towards The New DC Film Universe
Shazam is one of DC`s greatest heroes and icon and they have no plans yet to make a film about him! This is a disaster as many fans know and love the character enough to know this concept could easily work, my thoughts continue.
EDITORIAL: The True Importance of The Character Wolverine
This editorial is a direct letter to the comic book fans who have been saying Wolverine has been given a much not needed starring role within the films due to his influence. Here I explain why Wolverine is as essential to the X-Men and why his greater purpose is still needed, read on fans.
EDITORIAL: Agent Coulson is The Next Captain America? Marvel Theory
Agent Coulson has been through some times from his rival to his rebirth. For that many questions still have yet to be answered, but I believe there are vital clues on what the answers may be.