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Why is Spider-Man 2 the best comic book movie to date? Because of the themes presented? Characters? Direction? I try to throw down my opinion, leaving out ideas of "cool action scenes" for the sake of real, probing analysis.
Perpetual Darkness: Marvel's Ground-Plan for Daredevil
They've got the rights, which could be the ace up their sleeve to reach out and capture a branch of folks who aren't convinced by the seemingly universal appeal of the Phase Films. Check out BattlinMurdock's Daredevil ground-plan to help Marvel get their hero off the ground.
BattlinMurdock's JUSTICE LEAGUE Film Ground-Plan
It's twisty, it's turvy, and I think it's the right direction. I haven't laid out a Justice League ground-plan, yet, but maybe that's all the more reason to check mine out!
COMICS EDITORIAL: The Absence of Peter Parker
The news is out. Peter's out, someone else is in! The comic community is up in arms! The general public has next to no idea what's happened! This editorial contains spoilers, but read on to find someone ready for change.
The Dark Side of Having Darkseid in a JLA Movie
For discussion, here's one analysis of Warner Brothers' "popular decision" (rumor-based) to have the Justice League square off against Thanos. Let your voice be heard!
Kill the Theory: Why Spider-Man Doesn't Belong in the MCU or The Avengers
It's okay to dream, but don't let things get too out of hand. There's no practical place for Spider-Man in the MCU, so let him find the truth about his parents without any more distractions.
EDITORIAL: The Difference: Overrated & Overexposed
Let's have a look-see at what we say and what we mean when we say things are "overrated." Is Chris Nolan "overrated?" Is The Avengers? Believe it or not, there is a finite answer.
Revisiting Mary Jane Watson: The Greatest Female in Comic Book Movies
Kirsten Dunst. Mary Jane Watson. Let's restore that reputation, what do you say?
BattlinMurdock Reviews: Skyfall
It's been getting tons of critical acclaim, but does it deserve it? Find out why this Bond film feels a little more shaken than stirred. Minor *Spoilers.*
EDITORIAL: Mine or Yours? And Why Do Characters Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Change?
Behold, the rage of comic book fans as contemporary comic writers undo our favorite stories with the replacement of our favorite heroes, a schlocky misuse of the space-time continuum, and a re-imagining of decades of character development! How could they do this to us! After all, they're our characters...aren't they?
EDITORIAL: In Defense of the Actors
Why are fans so quick to attack actors wanting to leave our beloved medium? Are we too easily offended? Pardon the rant, but I think there's a few things that need to be said.
EDITORIAL: Robocop - Why Remodeling the Futuristic Past Could Prove A Good Idea
What's with all the hate, folks? Here's a look into a few of the arguments against the remake of Robocop and why they may not be as seasoned as you'd expect. Because, after all, isn't this a movie that should find incredible, all-around success as a remake?
Speculation of the Day: Is Ms. Marvel on Marvel's Avengers 2 Drawing Board?
A plausible theory that might lead to a Ms. Marvel maybe appearing in a certain Marvel sequel, a bit soon and unannounced, possibly. We get that this isn't set in stone, right?
EDITORIAL: Reality Check- Iron Man vs. Batman Begins
Will an in-depth look into the stand-alone universes of both films reveal which one is truly more realistic? That's the question I pose in this article, for your consideration and healthy debate.
The Directors of Marvel's PHASE II; A Compilation of Their Previous Work
Marvel Studios' newest hands for hire have been announced (or are still in talks), so click here to find a list of their compiled works and my reasoning for what they can bring to the Marvel Studios family.
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