The Evolution of the Superhero Movie
My video showcasing the evolution of the superhero movie, from 1951 to 2011!
My World's Finest Tribute
My tribute to the worlds finest, Batman and Superman.
Marvel Releases 16 Bit Captain America Game!
A while after the release of Thor's outing into the 16-Bit game world, Marvel releases Captain America: Shield of Justice!
My CBM Tribute, and Other Video Edits
Check out my tribute video for CBM's 2006-2011, and other video edits I made!
Some Video Edits.
A couple video edits I made.
My Green Lantern Review
Green Lantern is quickly becoming one of the most talked about comic book movies this year, so what did I make of it?
X-Men First Class vs Green Lantern Video
Check out my mashup video of the Green Lantern and X-Men First Class trailers!
My CBM Fight Club Video
A quick video I made showcasing the images I have made for CBM Fight Club.
The Dark Knight Rises Fan Poster!
My fan-made poster for TDKR featuring Bane!
Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Confirmed!
Warner Bros. has officially announced Years 5-7!
Smallville: The Legion of Doom?
A shot from the preview for the upcoming episode of Smallville reveals some familiar faces.