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James Marsden open to return as Cyclops for X-Men 4
Somebody tell Lauren Shuler Donner
Lauren Shuler Donner Offers Brief Updates On X-Men 4 And Deadpool
Deadpool, a First Class sequel, and an update on a possible "X-Men 4".
Why fans of 2008's The Incredible Hulk may not worry
A short while ago, I asked where the box office love was for "The Incredible Hulk". But after seeing "The Avengers" teaser, there maybe more love than we thought. Possible SPOILERS herein.
Where's the box office love for The Incredible Hulk?
There are already plans for "Thor" and "Captain America" movie sequels after next year's blockbuster-to-be "The Avengers", but despite a new TV series planned for ABC, will we get to see a sequel for the Hulk? And if so, when?
Why I found the series finale of Smallville to be so disappointing
I'm a huge fan of "Smallville", but I thought they were supposed to save the best for last. Nope. Read on...
Chris Hemsworth talks The Avengers
The actor who plays Thor gives an update to MTV
Annette O'Toole Filming Smallville Finale
Annette O'Toole confirms that Martha Kent will be in the series finale
Laura Vandervoort talks Smallville
Want to know what happens with Supergirl next before the series ends? There are possible spoilers here...
R.I.P. Toy Biz
Remembering the company that made Marvel Comics' action figures for the 1990s/early-21st Century, and how the company came to its end.
Spider-Man musical may lose its director
Is Julie Taymor going to exit her own infamous Broadway adaptation of "Spider-Man"?
Five things the Smallville series finale needs
What should be shown before the CW's hit series finally comes to an end.
More news on the final season of Smallville and its finale
And you may just be disappointed, and unsurprised, in regards to the mention of the Superman suit
Laura Vandervoort returning to Smallville?
We may not have seen the last of Supergirl after all!
New actress cast as Arachne in Spider-Man musical
Find out who has joined the cast on Broadway
Smallville producers talk season 10!
Spoilers abound for what's in store the rest of the final season
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