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FANCAST: The Invaders
The first part of my MCU, The Invaders.
A Pretty Great Titans TV Show Fan Cast
Although I had never been a fan of the animated series, I have been well exposed to the Teen Titans/Young Justice comic book series. I also watch literally every TV show I can find. Thus using my knowledge I've compiled a dream cast for the roles of the Titans.
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Hey guys Hush2010 here with something I need y’all honest criticism on. Im starting a comic and after being here for 6 plus years Im ready to share.
What If Batman Vs. Superman Came Out In the early 2000's
Ever wonder what would have been if certain comic book projects had been green lit? Where would we be today had Warner Bros. been the first to present to us the shared movie universe? What would have become of Marvel Studios, Sony, and Fox? How does this effect How I Met Your Mother and Clerks 2? Hit the jump to find out.
Fancast: Batman
Check out my cast for the Caped Crusader!
As fans we all want one huge Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man in one movie. Well this video will prove we don't need that film anytime soon.
Deciphering the MCU: On the nature of this image seen in Guardians of the Galaxy
An interesting image was shown during the Collectors. And on it four beings. I have an idea on who a few of these beings are. So hit the jump to find out.
My X-Verse Group Manips
A few manips of groups from the X-Verse that I created with past casting and the X-Men film series idea that was posted here a while back.
Nick56's Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2015
Here are my top 10 most anticipated films of 2015. What are yours?
Arrow: Are the Colors Needed?
I just like to address a semi-large complaint (of Arrow's) and why it may make sense to leave things be.
Earth-717 One-Shot: Viper's Vitrification
An alternate time. An alternate world. In a special prelude to Captain America Vol. 1, come see the horrifying origin story of one of Steve Rogers' greatest foes, and one of the most evil women in the Marvel Universe: the villainous Viper, Madame Hydra!
FAN-MADE: Meet THE DEFENDERS of the Pre-MCU MARVEL Film Universe
Watch the heroes of the Pre-MCU Marvel Movie Universe join forces against the Sinister Syndicate in this fan-made trailer!
Gotham Girls in Arkham Asylum
Love the bad girls of Gotham City? Do you enjoy a show with badass leading ladies? Then this is for you! Full of scandal, revenge, love, lust and mystery, Gotham Girls in Arkham Asylum. Story follows Kate Kane/Batwoman as she fights to prove her innocence after being framed for murder, she gets a little help from two of her former lovers. See what else goes on in the prison with Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and many more of your other favorite Gotham super villainess'.
FAN ART: Benedict Cumberbatch As BRAINIAC
Check out this really cool fan made art on one of Superman's greatest villain, Brainiac played by our favorite Sherlock Homes,Benedict Cumberbatch.
Fancast: 52
Come and check out my cast for the missing year in the DC Universe!
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