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EDITORIAL: Who REALLY Owns ComicBookMovie.Com?
After a wildly successful editorial uncovering the truth of, BatmanHeisenberg is here to uncover the the TRUTH of who sits behind the computer of the owner of the site. Hit the jump…. or just live in a lie.
Original Idea
This is an idea I have been thinking about for a very long time, and I wanted to share it here, exclusively on this website.
FAN ART: Batman/Superman Posters
Lately I've been trying my hand at "photoshopping" and decided to do some "posters" of 2 iconic superheroes. Click the jump to check out the awesomeness.
Plastic Man:The Movie
This my idea for a superhero comedy about the stretchy seventies superhero we all know and love, Plastic Man.
DrDoom Presents: My Pitch For CAPTAIN AMERICA 3
Recently, an article was released on this site asking what fans were looking for in the third Captain America film, due for release in 2016. Here, DrDoom will tell you in what direction he feels Steve Rogers' next adventure should go!
Possible First VERY Low Quality Look At Thanos From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Promo Art?
Some new promo art has surfaced in something that appears to be a calendar for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Amongst it, we have a very low quality glimpse at some of Thanos. Check it out after the jump...
Inspired by the works of spacer114 and AlessCortez on DeviantArt, T'Challa takes a shot at making a few banners for Marvel's anticipated sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hit the jump to check them out! Now with the whole roster!
With the X-men universe potentially X-panding (sorry), here's a script I wrote pretty quickly on the direction that a New Mutants television show could go in. This is just a pilot episode. If people like it I could continue the story to cover an entire "season".
How IRON MAN 4 (if they make one) should be
With the *real* Mandarin tease at "All Hail the King", many still hopes that RDJ would return for another sequel. Here's my idea on how it should be if Marvel decided to make one.
A Legit Fan-Cast of The Avengers using only the cast of the TV show Lost.
CW's Justice League of Amercia: Team + Villains
The Justice League Team and the villains who they will be facing
MARVEL/DC Crossover Fan Art (by the SoulEater)
A continuation of my Marvel/DC/Disney/Videogame Crossover series

involving Red Hood, Rorschach, Deadpool, Hitgirl, X23, Ghost Rider, and Stitch.
DannRamm113's Superman 2
A standalone sequel to Man of Steel.
Banner Time Presents: Frozen Allies
Batman nemesis Mr. Freeze and chilling Captain Cold had a little misunderstand on their little apartment in this comic strip, check it out!
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