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The Reddest Trailers...LUKE CAGE: HERO 4 HIRE!!!!
Have you ever wondered what the trailer for a Luke Cage movie would look like? Have you ever asked yourself what you'd want to see in the first trailer for the upcoming Netflix show starring the character? Well those questions will be answered in this article! So hit the jump to see MY answers to those questions eating up your brain!
Fan Made Batman vs Predator Teaser
A fan made teaser trailer for a Batman vs Predator feature.
Earth-717: FANTASTIC FOUR Volume 1 - Full Version
Have you been waiting for the trade? Look no further! Earth-717 marches on, with another book-length superhero action thriller! Come and see Marvel's First Family take the spotlight in this compiled adventure!
I have made yet another cool Fan-Made Trailer, this time: Doctor Strange.
With Luke Evans in the lead. Enjoy...
80s Fan Cast: AVENGERS
The Avengers of the 80s.
Indiana Jones Fifth Installment
My Fan Fic for a fifth installment to the Indiana Jones franchise. I give two possible roads for this movie to go down.
soda9OCs: Young Justice (Working Title) Character Designs
What's good, fellow CBMers! Took a break from posting on here because I had a lot of school work to finish up, but now that it's summer, I hope to post a little bit more frequently. Today, I present to you my character designs for a CBM film series that my friends and I have created called "Young Justice", which is the working title. Click the jump! Hope you all enjoy!
Yay More Drawings
It's me, LightspeedJones, again
Negan Returns! Well In This Fan Art at Least
Another piece of fan art from me, this time of the Walking Dead
GOTHAM CITY SIRENS Fan Film Kickstarter
A dark and gritty short film about the most notorious Women of Gotham City
FAN ART:  The Trinity: Then And Now
Batman,Superman and Wonder Woman. Then and now. Enjoy.
An Excerpt From X-MEN: WORST CLASS; An Unfinished Parody of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS
About a year ago, I wrote a parody of X-Men: First Class. Unfortunately, before I could publish it, the computer I was storing the files on crashed. Hit the jump to check out a portion of the parody that I was able to recover!
FAN MADE: Godzilla Game
Fighting Sidescroller with Every Godzilla Monster, Plus A Few Extras!
Mrcools Top 10 Tracks From Superhero Movie Scores.
Well i did my top 5 of my favorite superhero themes, its time for me to go for individual tracks. You want to see what they are? Come take a look.
Earth-717: FANTASTIC FOUR Volume 1 - Chapter 11
An alternate time. An alternate world. While in space investigating a storm of cosmic rays, Reed Richards and his team of explorers are accidentally exposed. Barely escaping with their lives, the four soon discover that they have been imbued with incredible powers. Together as a family, they decide to become the world's newest superhero team: the Fantastic Four.
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