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Future Iron Man Movie Ideas
Venting Iron Man Ideas just past the jump.
FAN MADE BvS Dawn Of Justice Comic Con Trailer!
With Comic Con just around the corner and after re watching the brilliant 2012 Man Of Steel comic con teaser, heres my version for DOJ!
Blade is hunting down a group of vamps he's caught wind of that have been generating too much buzz. He goes to wipe 'em out, only to discover just how truly evil they are.
The Star Rider: Nya
3D Drawing by Charles Daley (A.K.A Crimsonight)
Man of Tomorrow: Superman Fan Art
I am trying out a new technique, here it is!
FANCAST: HeisenbergSaysRelax's choices for Marvel Studio's 'SPIDER-MAN'
HeisenbergSaysRelax takes another shot at fan-casting and lets the world know who he would cast in a Spider-Man film if it was being done by Marvel Studios. Check it out!
Which actress should play Bernie Rosenthal?
Earth-717 One-Shot: Power Incarnate
An alternate time. An alternate world. The Invincible Iron Maiden returns in the first ever 717 One-Shot story! Watch as Tasha Stark takes on an all new adversary, one that even her vast intellect might not be able to overcome . . . . the Living Laser!
X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) fancast
Well, I am back for another fancast, but I haven't really been on here in a while. This is my second fancast, my first fancast was the John Carter of Mars fancast...

The X-Men movie franchise is my favorite Marvel movie franchise because of how complex it is, and at times confusing (the plot holes in it make you think). X-Men: Days of Future Past was, without a doubt, the best movie of the summer. The end credits scene made me very excited for X-Men: Apocalypse and left me speculating. Since I have seen fancasts of X-Men: Apocalypse as of late, I decided to make my own.

Go easy on me if this is bad, this is only my second fancast.
i posted a couple of pieces i was considering adding to my portfolio to take to super-con the weekend to show to a marvel talent scout, here is the full folder(maybe) opinion?
Batman v Superman Photoshop Thread
With the advent of the new Superman image from Batman it only took a few minutes before some had already started making Photoshopped images. Take a look at some of what the internet has to offer.
i know its been a while, but here is the next vs series pic
iam getting ready for super-con this weekend and a marvel talent scout is gonna be there I need some opinions!
Check out the all new Watchtower Tales This one features Batman, Booster Gold, and Blue Beetle!
The Star Rider: Episode 2: Blood Trust (Part 3)
In part three of Blood Trust. Jak opens up about his mother. And the Star Rider crew gets a job offer.
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