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The Horsemen of Apocalypse Fancast
Taking a look at the possible members of the X-Men who become the Horsemen of Apocalypse...
Hipster Hulk
Hulk and his friends sit down to discuss a possible change of fashion for the Green Goliath.
Two of the most powerful movie robots, face to face.
FAN-MADE: My first poster for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE
What if Storm was one of Apocalypse's Horsemen in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie? Check out the first poster I've created for the film.
Earth-717: FANTASTIC FOUR Volume 1 - Chapter 10
An alternate time. An alternate world. While in space investigating a storm of cosmic rays, Reed Richards and his team of explorers are accidentally exposed. Barely escaping with their lives, the four soon discover that they have been imbued with incredible powers. Together as a family, they decide to become the world's newest superhero team: the Fantastic Four.
Battle of the Metal!
Iron Man
Fan Cast: The Flash
Casting the fastest man alive.
Another random video I made to kill time. This time I decided to tackle GOTG and edit footage from the trailers into a retro 80's-90's TV intro.
Geek Battles Special!

Its time again! Comic Battles returns in an epic battle between Gods.

GOTHAM TV show FAN ART (SoulEater)
Some fan art I did of the Joker along side some of the characters of FOX's new show GOTHAM.
STAR WARS Original Trilogy Remake Fan Cast
If Disney decided to remake the original Star Wars trilogy today what actors would they use and who would direct? Hit the jump to find out my opinions in this fan cast for a Star Wars remake.
CBM Characters & Their Favorite Basketball Teams
Ok, decided to give the DC CBM characters the same treatment I did earlier with Marvel CBM characters and baseball. But this time, it's basketball. And it's done in the same hilarious fashion.
AquaMan Fan Art: Finished Colors
Finished colors of my AquaMan fan art that was posted before.
Man of Steel (Superman Fan Trailer)
Let me know what you guys think of this trailer, I'd love your feedback. And If somebody could help me figure out how to add video, the tutorial isn't working for me.
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