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Geek Battles Special!

Its time again! Comic Battles returns in an epic battle between Gods.

GOTHAM TV show FAN ART (SoulEater)
Some fan art I did of the Joker along side some of the characters of FOX's new show GOTHAM.
STAR WARS Original Trilogy Remake Fan Cast
If Disney decided to remake the original Star Wars trilogy today what actors would they use and who would direct? Hit the jump to find out my opinions in this fan cast for a Star Wars remake.
CBM Characters & Their Favorite Basketball Teams
Ok, decided to give the DC CBM characters the same treatment I did earlier with Marvel CBM characters and baseball. But this time, it's basketball. And it's done in the same hilarious fashion.
AquaMan Fan Art: Finished Colors
Finished colors of my AquaMan fan art that was posted before.
Man of Steel (Superman Fan Trailer)
Let me know what you guys think of this trailer, I'd love your feedback. And If somebody could help me figure out how to add video, the tutorial isn't working for me.
Bat Family Origins FAN ART by the SoulEater
I showed you what Batman's rogues were doing at the time of his parents killinngs, now let's look at a glimpse of his sidekicks before taking up his mantle in the sequel series to BEFORE THE BATMAN entitled: BEFORE THE COWL
Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man Fan Cast
My casting choices for Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man if it were to become a television series or a film.
JAWS: The Remake of The Classic Fan Cast
Jaws is considered by many to be a classic, but with the trend of Hollywood remaking many great films, it's bound to happen with Jaws. Hit the jump to find out who I would cast in a Jaws remake.
Kitty Pryde and Wolverine Movie Fancast
One of Marvel's popular X-Men storylines, I cast the sequel to X-Men:Apocalypse.
THE GREEN ARROW: A Day in the life of Oliver Queen
A short story about Oliver Queen. During the day, he's your average billionaire playboy. But during the night? He is something more...
Hey fanboys this is the fan cast you have been waiting for! Get set and get ready to fly off into the ultimate mind trip as you witness one of the greatest fan cast to ever be made for CBM! Hit the jump for more!
JUSTICE LEAGUE castings, ideas and much more
Do you have the same dream? that in this year's Comic-Con we will see the whole JL members on the same stage in H-hall? Well here are some castings to the DC universe, also ideas for the movies all the way to 2020...
I feel like Indiana Jones should have a more James Bond-type production to it. Recast, recast everywhere!
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