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Batman: Arkham Asylum Awarded Guinness World Record
Batman: Arkham Asylum Awarded a Guinness World Record for 'Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever'
Launch Trailer Released For Batman: Arkham Asylum
If this new video doesn't get you excited to play the Dark Knight's new game, nothing will!
New Video For Batman: Arkham Asylum
New video from Eidos reveals the history of Arkham Asylum, as told by Dr. Amadeus Arkham.
Champions Online Q & A With Devs
We've been going back and forth with Atari and Cryptic Studios regarding Champions Online and finally have a Q & A to share with you from the dev team!
New Gadgets Video Released For Batman: Arkham Asylum
New game play video released that shows off some of the gadgets available to Batman as he tries to take back Arkham Asylum!
Champions Online Goes Gold And Releases New Hero Profiles
Champions Online Goes Gold and releases Champions Online’s powerful hero profiles! Check out the new pics and game info!
Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Coming This Friday!
Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Available August 7 For Xbox 360, Games For Windows and PS3!
Nate's San Diego Comic Con Wrap-Up
What I saw, played and took pictures of while attending the 2009 San Diego Comic Con.
Marvel vs Capcom 2 Available!
Capcom's Long-Awaited Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Now AVailable On Xbox LIVE! Continue the Battle Online as 56 of Marvel and Capcom’s Iconic Characters! Duke It Out in the Legendary Fighting Game!
Dante's Inferno Plans To Take Comic-Con To Hell!
EA And DC Comics Enter Nine Circles of Hell With Dante's Inferno Comic! Visceral Games Invades Comic-Con with Special Edition Preview Issue Giveaways, Limited Edition Signings, the World Premiere Trailer for the Starz Media Animated Feature and More!
Video Contest Announced For DC Universe Online!
DC Universe Online asks, "Who's Your DCU BFF?" New DCUO/MySpace Video Contest Showcases Best Friends (And Foes) Forever!
New Batman: Arkham Asylum Character Bios
Eidos has released new character bios for Arkham Asylum, including a bio for the Dark Knight himself, as well as several of the villains from the game. We've also go the new artwork, screenshots!
Transformers ROTF DLC Announced For PS3 & Xbox 360
Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen DLC Coming Soon And Will Include 10+ New Multiplayer Characters!
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Pre-Order Bonuses & VIP Community Announced
Activison Enlists Gamers To Join The Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 VIP Community. GameStop Pre-Order Program Launches with Exclusive Character Offer.
New TMNT: Smash-Up Game Screenshots, Trailer & Character Art
Ubisoft has hit us with a bunch of new assets for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up brawler that's due out later this year for the Wii. Check out the new screenshots, trailer and character art!
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