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How Did You Like 'Blackout' On AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.?
Last nights Agents of SHIELD followed Coulson's crew tracking down escaped Fridge inmate Marcus Daniels aka BLACKOUT. Do you think Patrick Brennan did a good job playing the Darkforce powered villain last night? Let us know after the jump!
How to Properly Invest Your Tax Refund
Expecting an awesome tax return from the IRS?! Here's a few ways SuperHeroStuff can help you properly invest and diversify your t-shirt portfolio. Or did the IRS take all of your money? No worries, our Tax Relief sale has tees starting at just $14!
EASY COSPLAY: For Comic Cons and Whatever
Need Simple Ideas for Cosplay for an upcoming Comic Con? We have you covered with a few options we came up with below or you can always create your own from our costume shirt selection!
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Super Soldier vs Winter Soldier: Are you ready for the Battle
“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” releases next week in the U.S. and Superherostuff.com has all the gear you want to be ready for the premier! Whether it is shirts, pins, boxers or pants we have them in stock for all the heroes and villains from the upcoming film.
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The Best Caped Heroes and Why
Why do some superheroes wear capes? Why do some not wear capes? While being able to simulate flight may have lead some early artists to create characters with capes, since then the use of capes has become a device to represent a greater purpose. The wearing of cape gives depth and function to some of the greatest heroes.
SuperHeroStuff Announces New HACK/SLASH Merchandise Partnership
Attractive and fearless slasher hunter "Cassie" Hack and "Gentle Giant" partner Vlad are coming back! Back to T-shirts and other Merchandise that is. Superherostuff.com has partnered up with Tim Seeley to bring new HACK/SLASH stuff to the fans that made it so popular to begin with.
March Madness for Superheroes!
WIN A $50 GIFT CARD: Ever wondered who would win in a one-on-one basketball match? The staff at Superherostuff.com have set up a Sweet Sixteen tournament for some of the favorite or most popular Super heroes and villains. But no matter who claims the title you win!
The Greenest Heroes and Villains - St. Patrick's Day Special
St. Patrick’s Day is on Monday and to start the celebrating early we have assembled a “Green Team” with heroes and villains from multiple genres. The only thing they have in common with each other, besides knowing how to seriously kick butt, is their love for green.
SuperHeroStuff Announces New CHEW Merchandise Partnership
Hide the illegal chicken products, it's the FDA! Oh wait, never mind, it's just an awesome announcement from John Layman and Rob Guillory! Chew fans rejoice, Tony Chu is leaping from the pages of your favorite food-themed comic book to the product section of SuperHeroStuff.com!
Top 10 Superheroes With A Day Job
Saving the world is good and fine, but it is not going to pay the bills! Eventually, most superheroes have to get a day job, whether they need the money or need to keep their secret identity intact. That is unless they're already a billionaire! Here is our a list of the 'hardest working' superheroes in the biz.
POLL: Superhero Hockey Game?
With the 2014 Winter Olympics kicked into full gear we've grown a bit curious how they games would be played in a world full of aliens, mutants and radioactive heroes...that's why we've launch the 2014 Hero-lympics. Today's sport: hockey. Let us know what you think of the teams after the jump!
POLL: Who Would Win In a Superhero Drinking Contest?
It's Friday morning and everyone's got the same question on their mind: Who could drink who under the table at the Avenger's Mansion? Oh, you weren't thinking about that? I bet you are now! Let us know what you think after the jump.
Anti-Valentine's Day Sale
Let's face it: Valentine's Day kinda sucks, even if you aren't spending it alone! So this year, mix it up a bit and get selfish. Treat yourself to something awesome and leave the flowers and chocolates to some other sucker! Check out the coolest new stuff from SuperHeroStuff after the jump.
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Today is your last chance to win a $50 Gift Card to SuperHeroStuff.com! Take a look at the Bat-centric question after the jump. Answer that and you could be on your way to Hawaii...if you happen to be on your way there already!
Enter the $50 SuperHeroStuff Trivia Contest
Romance is in the air this time of year...just look at the way you guys have been flirting in the comments sections! Buy something nice for your CBM friend by winning a $50 gift card to SuperHeroStuff! Find out how after the jump.
Win a $50 Gift Card from SuperHeroStuff!
Only 2 days of questions remain in the SuperHeroStuff trivia contest! That's two more chances to get your name in the running for that $50 gift card! Today's question is about the Silver Surfer and his boo from Zenn-La. Take a gander after the jump.
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CONTEST: Win A $50 SuperHeroStuff Gift Card!
Step on up for another chance to win $50 to spend at SuperHeroStuff.com! Just answer some pretty simple superhero trivia and you'll be entered to win. Enter everyday for a new question and more chances to win! Today's question is brought to you by Aquaman!
SuperHeroStuff.com Trivia Contest
Another day means another chance to win a $50 Gift Card to SuperHeroStuff.com! Just answer the V-Day themed superhero trivia question and you'll be enter to win. Find out today's super question after the jump!
Valentine's Day is coming and to celebrate we're having daily superhero romance trivia. The prize? A $50 Gift Card to SuperHeroStuff.com. All you need to do is visit our FB page and answer the daily question. Find out more after the jump.