Tomb Raider Reborn movie FANCAST (By the SoulEater)
With the Rise of the Tomb Raider game around the corner this year, Hollywood is wanting to cash in on the franchise with a movie centered around the first game. Time for me to do what i love and make a theoretical ensemble for it.
MARVEL's Spiderman FANCAST by the (Soul Eater)
With it being up in the air whether Spiderman will remain with SONY or return to MARVEL and his makers, I have comprised a fancast of what might just put our wall crawler back in business
This is a fancast I've made of the manga/show Shingeki-no-Kyojin(Attack on Titan)
Man of Steel BRAINIAC fanart (By the SoulEater)
Some of you may remember I did a Man of Steel sequel Fancast.

Well I decided to draw out how Brainiac would look in it if played by my actor choice.
Man of Steel Sequel: Son of Krypton (By the SoulEater)
So we all more or less love or at least like the new Man of Steel movie, unless you're haters. You have fun being you and hate away somewhere else. For those who DID enjoy the movie, this is a take of mine on how a possible sequel could come about.
Wonder Woman show FANCAST (by the SoulEater)
So since CW is making noise about a Wonder Woman movie being in the works, I've decided to forecast how i think it should go if it wants to be remotely good.
Static Shock FANCAST (By the SoulEater)
This is a revised fancast for Static Shock I've put together for a feature film based on his character.
MORE Dark Knight Rises Fan Art (By the SoulEater)
I was bored in class, so I drew this.
Marvel VS. FMA Brotherhood FAN ART (By the SoulEater)
Some crossover battles I drew of characters from FullMetal Alchemist up against heroes and villains from Marvel's universe
Marvel/DC/Deathnote Crossover Fan Art (By theSoulEater)
Some things I drew cause I felt like it.
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair
I had heard rumors that they are in fact doing the magicians nephew next, I think this is utter crap! I've also heard rumors that these rumors are false (Which I'm hoping for) SO I decided to make myself feel better by casting the next Narnia movie.
More The Dark Knight Rises Art (By the SoulEater)
Some newer Nolan-ised Bat-Art I've done, with some older stuff
X-Men First Class Sequel and cast by the SOULEATER
My take on what a good sequel/follow up to Xmen First Class could be
Young Justice FanCast (Revised) by the SoulEater
A short Fan Cast of who I think would grace the roles of Young Justice Well if done in live action, say a show, or a decient movie
Superman:Man of Steel Cast (By the SoulEater)
Okay, so we know Henry Cavil is superman, but who else can be who? In Zack Snyders' film helmed by the Nolan wonder's, who could reprise the roles in a good ensamble
Splinter Cell Live action cast by the SoulEater
My first Splinter Cell Cast, here it goes....
The Flash (Cast by the SoulEater)
My first try at Casting the Flash, as well as a small pitch idea for a movie for DC to make, based off my own idea for a plot.
Spider-man Reboot remainder Cast (By the SoulEater)
I've been surveying the progress of this Reboot, and let me tell you, I've liked what I've seen. It may very well be the closest to the comic (look wise) that I've seen yet. So here is my fan cast for the characters who haven't been picked yet to be portrayed in the no doubt future continuations and sequals of this film
Naruto Shippuden live cast (REVISED) by the soulEater
A re-do of my original cast for Naruto shippuden, my same warnings to all who hold the show dear.
Young Justice Live Action Cast (by The SoulEater)
A short Fan Cast of who i think would grace the roles of Young Justice Well if done in live action
Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep Live action cast
A live action cast of the Kingdom Hearts Game: Birth By Sleep characters
Batman Vs.The Red Hood Live action script/screenplay pitch
A yet again revised version and cast of a live action adaptation of Batman and the Red Hood, by the souleater.
SoulEaters' Wonder Woman show cast and pitch
Since someone's actually serious about making this Wonder Woman SHOW of all things, I've put up who I think should be who REALISTICALLY considering this is a Television version.
Superman: Doomsday.....
A fan cast of how I think DC could successfully, make a come back movie for the superman NAME, without making a continuous serise of movies off of him like spiderman attempted. Just ONE movie that could make people think "OH COOL" about Superman again.
FAN CAST: Kingdom Hearts cast 1-chain of memories
A cast i've been sitting on for a while for the live action addaptation of Kingdom hearts and its mid/sequal Kingdom Hearts chain of memories