The Bumbling Idiot Reviews X2: X-Men United Please use headphones
Part two of my X-Men movie rewind. Does this sequel still hold up after 10 years?
the Bumbling Idiot Review's 2000 X-Men
With X-Men: Days Of Future Past coming out next Summer, I thought I would take a look back at all X-Men Films starting with Bryan Singer's 2000 movie.
Review: Kick Ass
Do you want to be a superhero?
Riddle me this, Riddle me that, Is this really a bad Bat? Batman Forever Movie Review
Chicks Love the Car! Watch my review for Batman Forever after the jump.
Jennifer Lawrence Freaks When Meeting Jeff Bridges
Got To Love Jennifer Lawrence. She seems so real and down to earth--even gushing when bumping into her favorite actor at comic con.
There Came a Movie-Going Experience Like None Other
The Avengers Movie Review / Geekgasm
Captian America The First Avenger Movie Review
Last Review Leading Up To My Avengers Review
Thor Movie Review
He is the God of Thunder
Is it as good as the first or at lest better then the 2nd ?
New Riddick Sequel Back On
The troubled sequel is back on after the production was halted over money issues last month.
We Might Not Get A New Riddick Movie.
Guess Who needs money?

A Thank You Note to Smallville
Don't now where to put this
Ok not News but i had to say this
Happy New Year to all of Comic Book Movie
joker and dark knight tribute
I love this stuff...
More Fan Made Music Videos
Do you dance with the devil...
Fan Made Smallville Music Video
Its a great fan-made video from YouTube...
My list of my top 15 favorite tv shows of all time
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thedarkknight666's List of his Favorite Movies of the Decade
by Grabthar's hammer... by the Sons of Warvan... you shall be... avenged. sorry for any miss spelling im atistic please don't delete me
My Top 15 Comic Book Movies
I'm autistic so there will be some spelling errors... Sorry.