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RICKLY'S Editorial - Agents of SWORD?
At the end of THE WINTER SOLDIER...the landscape of Marvel changes on the big and the small screen...and the comics play a big part!
RICKLY Reviews - RoboCop (2014) with an exclusive segment from Jose Padilha
...Another reboot. Another crack at the apple. Find out if it hit the mark and see if I grill Mr. Padilha the wrong or right way!
Rickly's Editorial: THE WINTER SOLDIER Superbowl Spot
...Anyone curious about who died in the 'trailer'?
It's all-out war and not everyone makes it home alive...
A little WB theory on who DWAYNE 'The Rock' JOHNSON could be tapped to play...
...I'm good at theories. But I may well screw the pooch here. But, The Rock to me...would make box-office sense as...
RICKLY Reviews - Top 10 Comic Books of 2013
So many little time. 365 days just isn't enough. Who ruled the world? Which books owned the market? Click the jump to find out Rickly's top comics of 2013, and leave your thoughts in the usual place.
RICKLY Reviews - Top 10 Comic Writers Of 2013
..Pens down. Well, for these guys, that doesn't happen often. Who made the cut as the year's best writers? Click on to find out Rickly's picks of 2013, and leave your thoughts in the usual place.
RICKLY Reviews - Top 10 Comic Artists of 2013
...Who has the best pencils this year? Well, if you read comics, then this is your ground to play on!
Bat-Suit unveiled in DC Comics book? [speculation]
...Maybe we've had the Batsuit right here all along...
Rickly Reviews: Carrie (early screening)
...Carrie goes beserk? But does the audience?...I got an early peek!
Rickly Reviews: ELYSIUM
...Neil Blomkamp tries to repeat the success he had with District 9. Does his sociological sci-fi spin pack punch? Take the jump...
Rickly Reviews: 2 GUNS
...BOOM! Studios is in the limelight as we get 2 GUNS! Denzel and MARKY MARK! Well, did it slaughter The Wolverine?
Rickly Reviews: THE WOLVERINE
...Logan's in Japan cutting loose like Miller and Claremont envisioned...but did this translate well on the big-screen?...
Rickly reviews: 'Superman: Unbound'
...It's a bird...a plane...another Superman animated movie?
Rickly's Review - GI JOE: Retaliation (Spoiler-Free)
The Joes reunite to face a COBRA threat that's bigger and more hostile than ever. Does this film surpass its predecessor? Take the jump...
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