Anne Hathaway Calls The Catwoman Suit A "Psychological Terrorist"

While talking to Allure and reflecting on her role in the much anticipated The Dark Knight Rises, actress Anne Hathaway recalls what wearing the Catwoman suit was like. Check out more details after the jump.

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By Alex Lynch - 6/19/2012
After reporting to you that Christian Bale had breathing problems in his Batsuit, Anne Hathaway comes out to say that wearing the Catwoman suit was a challenge as well.

The actress has gone through extreme conditions for roles before but this is the first time she comes out fully about her preparation.

At only 29 years old, Anne Hathaway has a huge list of films under her belt and The Dark Knight Rises is possibly the biggest. She opened up her full feelings to the July issue of Allure about what she had to endure.

The Catwoman suit. It was a psychological terrorist, the suit, thoughts of my suit, changing my life so I would fit into that suit ... it dominated my year."

Also, for the upcoming role in Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway plays a starving factory worker so she had to go through what she describes as "crazy, weight stuff" for both Catwoman and her role in Les Miserables.

"I'm on day six of detox ... this diet makes me break out, so I love that," she joked. "Nothing like living on hummus and radishes and then be all, 'And I got a pimple. Yeah!'"

You'd be surprised what one of her biggest challenges about losing weight up cheese!

"Cheese is amazing ... (but) once you're over the cheese hump, there's nothing really left."

Source: NYDailyNews
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Fantine - 6/19/2012, 1:50 PM
Anne will rule as Catwoman, scene stealer for sure.
blvdnoise - 6/19/2012, 1:55 PM
MrBuffySummers - 6/19/2012, 2:08 PM
So sexy!
She's gonna be amazing in the movie.
JillValenfield - 6/19/2012, 2:09 PM
@ catwoman1, yeah she really is :) but I think Michelle pfeiffer did also a great catwoman once. But hey, Anne looks really good! And the suit looks tight as hell, so I understand her pain.
MarsivNayr - 6/19/2012, 2:22 PM
Uh...sure thing JackyTimish...sure whatever it was you were trying to say...
MrReese - 6/19/2012, 2:31 PM
Movie is gonna own the summer!!!
AC1 - 6/19/2012, 2:45 PM
@JackyTimish oh... my God. You complete, and utter, moron. Are you doing this on purpose? Are you purposely trying to make us all stupid? Because it's working! We are all stupider for having read what you just posted, much like the effect all of your opinions have. I'm usually all for freedom of speech and expressing one's own opinions, but I don't think that courtesy should be extended to people who clearly are too stupid to deserve them.
Go read an encyclopedia, you hippie.
nowtheresaBATman - 6/19/2012, 3:17 PM
speaking of buses you sound like a candidate for the short one.
TonyChu - 6/19/2012, 4:12 PM
@ JackyTimish You do know the word "terrorist" existed long before 9/11.
myparentsaredead - 6/19/2012, 4:15 PM
Jesus Christ, shut up already. Please.

Anywho, I had my reservations about Hathaway as Catwoman, but I've really gotten over them. She seems great for it now.
kingmonkeyman - 6/19/2012, 4:22 PM
I wonder if she would get detained for wearing her terrorist cat suit on an airplane? Should catsuits be banned by the TSA? Maybe she should waterboard that suit so it stops smelling like hummus and radishes.
myparentsaredead - 6/19/2012, 4:25 PM
Fine. JackTimish, shut up already. Please. Please. PLEASE.
LoudNoises - 6/19/2012, 4:28 PM

Overly sensitive much?
myparentsaredead - 6/19/2012, 4:32 PM
Also, you're probably the last person to talk about grammar.
LoudNoises - 6/19/2012, 4:39 PM

Your the one who made the 9/11 correlation. The word terrorism has been around long before 9/11. By your logic we should not use the word "psycho" because there are real psychos out there killing people and we are making light of it by using it casually. Might as well rule out half the dictionary because so many words are affiliated with tragic events.
myparentsaredead - 6/19/2012, 4:41 PM

I can actually imagine your avatar saying everything you type, and that makes it that much sweeter.
LoudNoises - 6/19/2012, 4:43 PM

"I have no idea what we're yelling about!!!"! :p
LoudNoises - 6/19/2012, 4:47 PM

They are different words indeed, good observation.

Jacky is a psycho. Jacky is also a terrorist. Not making fun of you, just a point.
LoudNoises - 6/19/2012, 4:50 PM

None of that matters anyways. It's all about correlation. It might be offensive if she said "The Catwoman suit is as brutal to mu body as Islamic terrorism is to America".
ItsATrap - 6/19/2012, 4:56 PM
loving this thread :)
terrorist doesn't only have to relate to 9/11, and i feel like people tend to relate things to 9/11 that have absolutely no connection. a while ago people complained to AMC about the opening theme for Mad Men because it depicts a guy falling and they said that reminded them of 9/11. people make these connections for absolutely no reason. i'm not trying to make light of what happened or say it was unimportant because that would be stupid, insensitive, and untrue, but to see a 9/11 connection in everything is an unintelligent exercise in ignorance.
LoudNoises - 6/19/2012, 5:01 PM

YOUR the one directing terrorism at Islam by associating it with 9/11!!! What the hell? Don't try to turn this around on me dumbass. The fact that there are other forms of terrorism goes against your original acusation about the word "terrorism" being offensive.
LoudNoises - 6/19/2012, 5:06 PM

"but using the word "terrorist" in a casual speech after 9/11,don't you think that is crossing the line a little for what she said"

Your words
LoudNoises - 6/19/2012, 5:14 PM

How does that change the fact that you still essentially said using the word "terrorism" casually is inappropriate after 9/11? It doesn't. And if you have another wacky reason why we should not use the word casually, by all means... Enlighten me.
mgeoff88 - 6/19/2012, 5:32 PM
I don't blame her at all. The costume designers shouldn't have made the suit so tight. They could have built the suit around Anne Hathaway's body.

Also, I think them telling her to changer her diet to all kale(veggies) was a mistake. She should've just been told to cut out high-calories foods. The physical training would do the rest.

@JackyTimish You're being too overly sensitive. She is describing the suit as a "psychological terrorist" in the sense of having to do a physical training regimen and completely altering her diet to fit into the Catwoman outfit.

She's not talking about actual terrorists. That was just her way of saying it was incredibly hard work to prepare herself for playing Catwoman.
LoudNoises - 6/19/2012, 5:36 PM

It is not like using the word "gay". Gay is a lifestyle choice that harms no one. "terrorism" is an act of aggression used specially to create terror. The fact that we use it causally to describe things that are extreme in nature does not offend terrorist. Using the word "gay" to describe something we do no like directly offends gay people. And to my original point, it's all about correlation. Sure you could choose to be offended by any number of words used out of their original context, but you are being overly sensitive in doing so. At some point you understand that the world doesn't revolve around your own personal discomforts and that anybody who happens to use the word "terrorist" is by no means making a statement intended to offend.

LoudNoises - 6/19/2012, 6:16 PM
"Also please try to write more clearly your words next time"

You think I gave you a hard time? Can't wait to see the hoard of backlash you get after you post your article on this topic tomorrow you condescending prick. Clear enough for you?
0bstreperous - 6/19/2012, 7:32 PM
only 29 thats the wrong side of 25 honey
TheAstoundingMan - 6/19/2012, 8:43 PM
I have come to the conclusion that JackyTimish is simply a politically-correct Grif.
bane187 - 6/19/2012, 8:59 PM
@ Jacky timish shut the frick up dude u sound like a little bitch aight I'm trying to enjoy tdkr news jst like every one else cheese us
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 6/19/2012, 9:16 PM
ItsATrap - 6/19/2012, 9:42 PM
i think i'm actually going to enjoy trolling that editorial tomorrow
TheMyth - 6/19/2012, 11:05 PM
JackyTimish, really dude! You are bat-shit crazy, you know that? 9/11 was over a decade ago so anyone STILL sensitive to such a word needs to scratch the sand from their vagina. Please write an editorial loaded with your craziness, I will enjoy [frick]ing it up lmao.

Owlman, I guess I'd think she was ugly too... if I loved penis.
GrayMatter - 6/19/2012, 11:45 PM
This thread is hilarious.
JackyTimish - the polite troll.

Anyway, the catwoman suit looks pretty badass. I know this has been said before, but I'm not a fan of the goggles/domino mask combo thing. The goggles look fine when she's wearing them on her face (like in the pic) but all the pics of her with just the mask bit on look dumb.

I get that it's an homage to Julie Newmar, but still; I would have much preferred the cowl/hood type look, specifically, the look from Arkham City
SageMode - 6/19/2012, 11:47 PM
Those "sexy" pics of Hathaway really don't help her at all. LMAO.
KnobGoblin - 6/20/2012, 12:29 AM
I agree, cheese is amazing.
Griever - 6/20/2012, 12:34 AM
omg she said terrorist, gaaaasp! Hahaha this movie will kick ass, she will kick ass.
drykillogic22 - 6/20/2012, 2:46 AM
Oh the Nausea...
breakUbatman - 6/20/2012, 2:46 AM
@ JackyTimish

"How do you feel when we mis use their languaged compared to ours."

What? Whose language?

"What a disgrace for shame an actress does not have proper words to speak to set an example like this among people"

Seem like proper words and grammar to me. She's supposed to set an example with her discomfort regarding the suit?

"So terrorist change your life and thoughts Hathaway im sure that's appropriate to say"

Generally that's what terrorists do but that's not what she said. The suit was a psychological terrorist what did you want her to say it put fear in my brain.

You do realize Bane is going to TERRORIZE Gotham right? There will be explosions and guns and earthquakes which all kill people.
ThaReaperAssassin - 6/20/2012, 3:01 AM
HAHA @jackytickelish you're a dingleberry. that's all...
Redhood88 - 6/20/2012, 3:34 AM

She is saying that the suit terrorised her. She is completely justified in refering to it as a terrorist as it perfectly describes its effect on her.

It's called hyperbole you idiot. Using exaggeration as a rhetorical device, otherwise known as a figure of speech. When I say 'I'm freezing cold' my body is not actually at freezing point.

Do yourself a favour and stop your pompous attempts to attack the grammer of others on here when your messages read like they are made by an illiterate.
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