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COMICS: Digital-First Series WONDER WOMAN '77 To Begin In December
DC appear to be putting more of the spotlight on the iconic Amazonian Princess, unveiling plans to launch a digital-first series based on the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show starring actress Lynda Carter. Hit the jump for more, including the first promo art.
COMICS: Spider-Gwen Series Officially Announced; Jason Latour & Robbi Rodriguez To Return
Though it was apparently confirmed at NYCC few days ago, it's been officially confirmed that Gwen Stacy will star in her own solo series as Spider-Woman, with the acclaimed creative team of Edge of Spider-Verse returning. Check out the first details and cover art after the jump!
This is my list for the Top 10 Best Comic Book Movies, now keep in mind this is my opinion, these are my personal favorites.
CBM.Com Tournament Death Battle! ROUND 6 TOP DC FAN
The Final installment of the bloody tournament crowns a winner, check it out after the jump to see who is the new DC site overlord!
EDITORIAL: Marvel v. Fox: Dawn of Who is More Mature(and Justice!)?
Recently, its been rumored that Marvel Comics will be cutting X-Men and Fantastic 4 comics, to spite Fox and to get their rights back. Well, you might be asking, who is really mature here? Is Obama responsible? Who can I sue? Well, for the answers, Better Call Saul!
DC Comics has unveiled new interior art from some upcoming Bat-titles: Arkham Manor #1, Batman and Robin #35, Detective Comics #37 and Gotham By Midnight #1. Check out the low-res previews after the jump.
COMICS: Marvel To Launch X-MEN/GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Crossover In February
Earlier this year Brian Michael Bendis' Guardians of the Galaxy and All-New X-Men collided for The Trial of Jean Grey crossover, and in 2015 a multitude of Guardians and X-related titles will take part in The Black Vortex. Hit the jump for more details.
Katie Cassidy fitting for a Black Canary mask?
Will Katie Cassidy will take up the mantle for Black Canary sooner than expected? Hit here to jump!
The new queen of four-color horror has arrived. Find out what I thought about the first issue of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" in my latest review.
Could the DC TV Universe be heading towards a Justice League style team up in the form of The Outsiders?
With the recent news of Marvel Comics shutting down a few of their major comic books, is it fair to say that they are screwing fans, or is this just a brilliant business move?
Diversity in Comics
Join me as I ramble about the hot button issue of diversity in comic books. Will you agree with me or disagree with me? Click on the title to find out.
FINAL FANTASY And KINGDOM HEARTS Designer Reenvisions Catwoman
Tetsua Nomura of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fame has set out to redesign many of DC's most famous characters, with Tetsua already having released a design for Batman, the designer has now released a follow up for Catwoman. To call it 'interesting' is an understatement...
HAVE A COOKIE!! Korra is here SON!
Before I go to college I wanted to post my fancast for Avatar series, after I have done ATLA fancast I want to end it with the legend of korra
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