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Wizard World Day 1 Recap!
The first day has passed, but that hardly means the fun is over! Relive day 1 with this review of Wizard World: STL!
COMICS: Top Ten best selling titles of March 14'
Diamond Comics recently released sales date for the ten best selling comics of March 2014. Click to see which comics made the top ten, and where they ranked.
COMICS: Frank Cho REALLY Hates Superman
Frank Cho recreates two pages from Frank Miller's seminal comic, "The Dark Knight Returns", complete with dialogue, captions, and even sound effects. Check out the pages, and what Frank has to say about Superman.

A heads up to fellow Superman fans, you might not like what you see.
COMICS: Bruce Timm, Art Adams, Lee Bermejo & More Join ALL-NEW X-MEN #25 in New Preview
Joining regulars Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen are a host of all-star illustrators for a huge X-Men art jam! Hit the jump to check out a preview of All-New X-Men #25, featuring art by Bruce Timm, Rafael Grampa, Art Adams and many more.
COMICS: Chris Claremont Returns to X-Men with Preview of NIGHTCRAWLER #1
Legendary writer Chris Claremont makes his anticipated return to the X-fold next week with a brand new title focusing on a certain blue-skinned teleporting mutant. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Nightcrawler #1.
History of Marvel Studios - Part 3
The History of Marvel Studios - Part 3 of 3 event brought to you by ComicUI and Pickled Comics collaboration.
History of Marvel Studios - Part 2
The History of Marvel Studios - Part 2 of 3 event brought to you by ComicUI and Pickled Comics collaboration.
Which Character Will Dwayne Jonson Portray In The DC Cinematic Universe?
"The Rock" has given us some hints as to who he will be playing in the upcoming DC films. Now we play the guessing game...
COMICS:The Merc With A Mouth Is Getting Married In This Preview Of Deadpool #27
Marvel has Just Released Eleven pages of Deadpool mania. But there is something happening in this comic everyone has been waiting for...THE WEDDING! Hit the jump because remember, We're all Invited! Check it out...
ARCHIE COMICS Previews For April 2nd
Archie Comics have supplied me with lettered previews for Betty and Veronica Double Digest #222 and The Best of Archie Comics Starring Betty and Veronica. Check them out within.
COMICS: First Look at Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder's ACTION COMICS #30
Superman: Doomed begins in this prelude to the arc which promises a look at Doomsday in a way that you've never seen before.
DCCU And The Greek Gods
There's A lot of Debate on Whether the DCCU (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc) should include the Greek Gods or not, as some say it wont fit in the DCCU universe's serious take on its stories. Here I offer a Solution that I haven't seen or heard of before, that makes sense.
ECCC '14: Brian Buccellato Talks Villains & Mystery in DETECTIVE COMICS
The acclaimed team behind DC's New 52 Flash title will be moving to Detective Comics and co-writer Brian Buccellato spoke about what their time on the series will entail. Check out a new 5-minute interview after the jump.
ECCC '14: Scott Snyder Talks BATMAN ETERNAL, ZERO YEAR & More
In an interview at this year's Emerald City Comic Con, best-selling writer Scott Snyder provided some new details and teasers for his upcoming Bat-projects, including the conclusion of Batman: Zero Year and the new weekly series Batman Eternal. Hit the jump to check out the 7-minute chat!
Batmaniac's Top 5 Comic Book Movies of All Time
Hit the jump to check out Batmaniac's Top 5 Comic Book Movies and share your own Top 5 list!
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