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ARCHIE COMICS New York Comic Con Plans & Variant Covers
New York Comic Con kicks off tomorrow! Step inside for a look at some con exclusive variant covers and Archie Comics' list of signings and panels that you can partake in.
In Defence of Marvels New Mandates
Quite the controversy has stirred as of late concerning new mandates that Marvel has put in place regarding the future of the Fantastic Four and X-Men. But not all is lost. Click the title and see how I defend these new mandates.
COMICS: James Bond To Get A New Comic Series In 2015!
The lady loving super-spy will get a new comic book series in 2015 courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment. Click the link for more intel!
ARCHIE COMICS Titles Available October 8th
Archie Comics have several titles shipping this week, most notably the highly anticipated "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" horror title. Oh, by the way, Sonic continues life as a Werehog. Read on for details.
COMICS: FUTURES END Triptych Teases Return of Pre-52 Universe; 'Blood Moon' Is No More
Though we saw two parts of this connecting cover a few days ago, the cover for The New 52: Futures End #25 adds the final piece of the puzzle. Check out Ryan Sook's amazing tease of the future, plus a new tidbit on the title of 'the DC Band-Aid' (hint: it's not Blood Moon).
COMICS: DC Teases Blood Moon in the new Futures End images
Ready for DC's next crossover event? Click here!
COMICS: Scott Snyder Convinces DC To Lower BATMAN Cover Price Back To $3.99
Were you unhappy that DC's most popular title was scheduled to increase from $3.99 to $4.99 an issue? Well, so was Scott Snyder, but now he has swayed the publisher to reverse the decision after the first chapter of Endgame! Hit the jump for details.
SONIC/ MEGA MAN 'Worlds Unite' Crossover Announced
Some of your favorite blue video game characters will once again meet in the comic book realm. Read on for details.
COMICS: Check Out A Horrifying 'Monsters Of The Month' Variant Cover & Preview For EARTH 2 #27
In two days, Earth 2 returns with an all-new issue. This time, DC Comics created a special 'Monsters of the Month' variant cover that sees Val-Zod and the Wonders of Earth 2 transformed into terrifying creatures! Before you buy it, hit the jump for the Halloween-inspired cover and preview for Earth 2 #27!
COMICS: DC Launches Third Weekly Series With EARTH 2: WORLD'S END #1 Preview
Things are ramping up for DC as they kick off their new weekly series, promising death and destruction as the forces of Apokolips tear up Earth 2. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Earth 2: World's End #1.
COMICS: SLADE WILSON Returns In His Third Solo Series With The Preview For DEATHSTROKE #1
Deathstroke the Terminator is back starring in his third volume! Tony S. Daniel's next series packs a brand new story that will take fans to see Slade Wilson through the fight of his life! Hit the jump and check out a blood-splattering new preview for this month's Deathstroke #1.
Here is my reaction to the casting of Gambit for an upcoming X-MEN film.
COMICS : Naruto Manga To End In November
Well Good News For People Who Don't Like Naruto Hit The Jump For More Details On This News.
COMICS: New FUTURES END Tease Itches Closer To 'Blood Moon'
DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio has posted a sneak peek at the next two issues of The New 52: Futures End, with the connecting cover art giving us plenty of clues as to where the DCU is headed. Hit the jump to check it out!
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