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Who Should Play The Younger Incarnations of Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm?
Check out ScottMontgomery's choices for the younger incarnations of Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops! Click the link above to share your own!
COMICS: Greg Capullo's BATMAN #35 Cover Sees Bats Clash With The Justice League
Scott Snyder (American Vampire) and Greg Capullo (Spawn) will kick off their biggest and, hopefully, best Batman storyline next month, as the first chapter of 'Endgame' has the Dark Knight clash with none other than the Justice League! Check out Capullo's cover after the jump.
COMICS: There Is Only One Goblin; Check Out This New Preview For AXIS: HOBGOBLIN #1
Coming in October, HobGoblin will try to prove that he is the King of all Goblins! Also, the HobGoblin you thought you knew inst there anymore! Hit the jump to check out Kevin Shinick's AXIS: HOBGOBLIN #1!!
EDITORIAL: DC/Marvel - TV or Movies
What is better for the viewer, the fan, the characters and in general the narrative. Should we only bet on big budget Hollywood movies or can this work much better on TV. My ideas on how this is going to affect the future of the CBM.
COMICS: Marvel Cancels Two Future Milo Manara Variants After SPIDER-WOMAN Backlash
In the wake of the controversy surrounding a cover for Spider-Woman #1 by Milo Manara, Marvel has scrapped plans to have the artist create variants for two of their biggest upcoming titles. Hit the jump for more details.
ARCHIE COMICS Titles Available September 24th
Only one title from Archie Comics will hit racks this week, but at least digital exclusives are on the way Friday. Read on for details.
COMICS: Editor Nick Lowe Talks 'Spider-Verse', Plus Stunning New Oliver Coipel Art
Marvel's Nick Lowe, Senior Editor on all Spidey related titles, recently discussed the upcoming event Spider-Verse with CBR, explaining the exciting tie-ins and teasing a big role for new fan-favourite character "Spider-Gwen". Also included is some brand new art from Oliver Coipel!
CBM User Smashes Guinness World Record With Giant Comic Book
CruZader™: Agent of the Vatican one-shot measures in at a whopping 37.19 by 24 inches. Watch the video of the official measurement now.
COMICS: Action-Packed First Look At AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #2
Though the first issue of Marvel's head-spinning Avengers & X-Men: AXIS event hasn't landed on shelves, they've unveiled a textless preview of Rick Remender and Adam Kubert's second issue. Hit the jump to check it out!
LAST WEEK'S RESULTS: Did Shredder overcome Elektra or vice versa?

It's the battle of the archers as Green Arrow (DC) battles Hawkeye (Marvel)! VOTING HAS ENDED! RESULTS TOMORROW...
Is the DCCU Going To Die Before It's Born?
With all of the emerging DCTV properties and the upcoming DCCU films, is not having a shared universe going to be more of an issue than people think?
12 Comic-Book's that will work as TV-Shows
With WB/DC taking over TV, and putting a show almost on every channel, I think it’s only a matter of time until superheroes will take over the small screen. Here are 12 comic-books that can be great as TV-shows.
Mainstream Media Comments On The Comic Book Invasion Of Television
Popular news source CNN published an article addressing the recent trend in networks adapting comic books. Hit the jump to find out what mainstream media thinks about this.
Who Exactly is Winning?: MARVEL or DC
Coming surprisingly earlier than anticipated, I've finally answered the question to WHO exactly is WINNING between the comic book juggernauts Marvel and DC. Prepare your butts for the answer and click the jump!
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