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We Have Our First Winner in the Earths Mightiest User Contest!
We're happy to announce that Dogs of War is the first winner in the Earths Mightiest User Contest. For being one of the most consistent content and comment providers at EMF, Dogs of War is receiving Blue-ray copies of Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths and Disney's The Princess and the Frog. Join us and find out how you can win prizes, too!
Iron Man 2 Movie Exposé
The latest issue of Wizard Magazine offers a roundup of cast interviews, rumors and behind the scenes information regarding the highly anticipated Marvel Studios film Iron Man 2. Follow the jump for all the details. . .
VIDEO: Leno & Conan Battle it out as Superheroes?!!
Get up to date on the Late Night talk show feud with this informative, yet strange, animation...
Avengers Assembled Conjectured!
Is Marvel attempting to unify their comics and movies into one continuum? You'd better believe it! Check out the tie-in clues and share your opinions.
Green Lantern Director Confirms Sinestro, Kilowog and More!
Not only that, but he names the actor currently in negotiations to play the pink-skinned, mustached baddie. Follow the jump to learn more. . .
Joe Johnston Finally Talks About Captain America!
Spoiler Alert! Fresh off wrapping up Universal's The Wolfman, director Joe Johnston gives us some insight into how The First Avenger: Captain America will be brought to life on screen.
Spider-Man 4 Scrapped. Reboot Planned
Spider-Man hitting theaters summer 2012, but Raimi won't be involved. Check out the official press release from Sony and see what Sam Raimi had to say!
Check out the Newest Trailer for KICK-ASS!
Though not as graphic as the Red Band version, the latest trailer for KICK-ASS gives a better overview of the characters and plot.
War Machine Creator Bob Layton Talks about the Evolution of the Character He Created!
Bob talks about War Machine's reason for being in this MTV interview.
CLIP: My Name is Hit Girl
Hot off the heels of her movie poster, here's a video clip promo that shouts HIT GIRL! Warning! This is the Red-Band version with a little violence and cussing included. Viewer discretion advised.
Topher Grace Will Not be in Venom Spin-Off Movie
Topher has not been approached for 2012 film.
Sin City Actress Brittany Murphy Dies of Heart Attack at 32
The actress, best known to comic book fans as Shellie in Sin City has died earlier today...
WATCH FREE: Confessions of a Superhero
Watch for free this feature length documentary about street performers who dress up as superheroes in Hollywood!
Marvel to Fan: I Want to Buy It.
How Spidey's black suit and eventually, Venom, got its start.
Clash of the Titans Heading Back to the Set for Reshoots
Movie gets an influx of new cash to work out "creaky parts"
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