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What are Rocket Raccoon's most valuable items? Find out by hitting the jump and checking out one of the most baddest duos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in action in this preview of Rocket Raccoon #5. Check it out!
Ferran Domenech Disscusses The Desgining Of GODZILLA
Hit the jump to check out what Ferran Domenech, the Animation Supervisor whose worked on countless films such as, Prometheus, Harry Potter, and Godzilla, had to say about how they designed Godzilla! Check it out!
COMICS: Every Spider Is United In This Preview Of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9
After Morlun threatens to take down every spider-man/woman from every universe, it is up to all the Spider-men and Spider-women out there to stand up and protect each other. Hit the jump to check out Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man #9!
New STAR WARS REBELS Preview Released- Breaking Ranks
Hit the jump to check out a new preview for the newest episode of Star Wars Rebels. In this clip Ezra infiltrates a StormTrooper facility in hopes to retrieve some secret information. Will he succeed? Check it out!
The Vegetable King Gets Dethroned In A New TEEN TITANS GO! Clip
A new clip for Teen Titans Go! was just released by Cartoon Network's YouTube page. This clip features the titans doing what they do best, taking down the bad guy...but this version certainly has a little twist to it. Check it out!
STAR WARS Halloween Special Set To Air On ESPN2
On October 30, ESPN2 will air a 'Star Wars' Halloween special that will feature all our favorite characters from the Star Wars franchise. Yoda, C-P30, and many more! Hit the jump to get your first look at this special event!
In this new clip for Hulk and the Agents of Smash Season 2, Episode 4, The Avengers battle it out with the Hulks! Who will win this colossal battle? Why are they fighting in the first place? Hit the jump to check it out!
Bonus DC ALL ACCESS Clip Takes Us Behind The Scenes With Klaus Janson
Hit the to check out Klaus Janson, the man who sketched out all the artwork for SUPERMAN #35 and many other comics, talk with Tiffany about the work he's done with John Romita, Jr. Click here to view this week's DC All Access episode.
COMICS: Predator Is In Action In This Preview Of PREDATOR: FIRE AND STONE #2
Hit the jump to check out Joshua Williamson's newest preview of Predator: Fire and Stone #2. In this preview Predator takes on a creature with four arms! Will Predator win? Or will he die trying? Check it out!
New AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Scene Leaks Online (Low-Res)
Marvel revealed new footage for Avengers: Age of Ultron at their press event in Los Angeles that you can watch here! It features Tony Stark and Steve Rogers discussing an interesting topic! Hit the jump to check it out before its snatched down!
Aaron Taylor-Johnson On His Character In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
In a recent interview with the British newspaper, the 24 year old actor, Aaron Taylor-Johnson discussed what type of films he likes to star in, also what he'll have fun with in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hit the jump to check it out!
MARVEL To Host A Liveblog For Their 'Special Event' Tomorrow
Tomorrow there will be Marvel news all day! We're getting new Avengers: Age of Ultron footage/set visits and that 'Mystery Press Event', no one knows anything about! Well, believe it or not you can get this coverage live tomorrow! Hit the jump to check it out!
New Poster For FURIOUS 7 Released
With the Furious 7 trailer set to make its debut on November 1st, a new poster has been revealed for the upcoming film set to hit theaters next year. Hit the jump to check it out! "Vengeance Hits Home"!
Next Three Episode Titles Released For Nickelodeon's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Season Three
With the first three episode of season 3 already released, Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wikipedia page, revealed the first next three titles for the next three episodes of season three. Hit the jump to check them out!
COMICS: Aquawoman Returns To Atlantis In EARTH 2: WORLD'S END #4
In this edition of Earth 2: World's End #4, Aquawoman finally makes her return to Atlantis just to god. Meanwhile, the rest of our heroes are trying to find a way to stay alive! Hit the jump to check it out!
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