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Clark Gregg Hints At More Inhumans In AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. & Chloe Bennet Defines A Badass
While attending the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Red Carpet premiere, Clark Gregg discussed what's in store for the next season, and revealed that we'll see more Inhumans. Chloe Bennet on the other hand gave her definition on what makes a bada***. Check it out!
The Tyrannosaurus Rex & More Take The Spotlight In These New “Travel-Style” JURASSIC WORLD Posters
Universal Pictures has just released four new “travel-style” Jurassic World posters featuring the Indominus Rex, the T-Rex, and more meat-eating Dinos! With Jurassic World releasing on Blu-Ray & DVD on October 20, I’m sure this is just the first of much more promotion to come! Check it out!
Check Out All Of The Deleted Scenes From Colin Trevorrow's JURASSIC WORLD
If you enjoyed Jurassic World, you'll definitely get a kick out of these deleted scenes featuring Claire and Owen getting dirty (no, not that kind of dirty), and Gray and Zach surviving in the Dino-infested woods. Hit the jump to check them all out!
PACIFIC RIM 2 Officially Removed From Universal Studios' Release Calendar
Was this inevitable? According to a new report, Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim 2 is officially removed from Universal's release calendar. How did it come to this, and what film is scheduled to take its place? Hit the jump to check out all the details!
Check Out Some Concept Art For Rila Fukushima's KATANA & Willa Holland's SPEEDY
Arrow's conceptual artist have just released two new pieces of concept art that highlights Rila Fukushima's Katana & Willa Holland's Speedy! If you're a fan of these two characters, and the series as a whole, you should definitely take a look at this art!
More Leaked Low-Res SUICIDE SQUAD Concept Art Gives Us Bleary Looks At The Skwad
Yesterday we received possible leaked Suicide Squad concept art that offered a low-Res look at the Joker (Jared Leto) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). Now, some more low-res art has been released that sees the Skwad in action. Hit the jump to check it out...
Who Does Stan The Man Lee Root For In CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR? Find Out HERE!
During a recent panel at the Edmonton Comic Expo, the legend Stan Lee spoke on the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film, and revealed the hero he's siding with! So, is it the billionaire Tony Stark, or the Super Soldier Steve Rogers? Hit the jump to find your answer...
Continue Your BATMAN Day Celebration With These Top 10 BATMAN Stories You’ve Never Read
I know you're all probably having your Batman themed parties as we speak, but take the time to check out this awesome video that highlights the top 10 Batman stories you’ve probably never read! What made the list, and what didn’t? Hit the jump to check it out!
Celebrate BATMAN DAY By Revealing Your Favorite BATMAN Moment!
For those of you who didn't know, today is Batman Day! What I want to know is - What's your favorite Batman moment(s)? Is it from a comic? A film? An animated series? Regardless of what it is, hit the jump to share your thoughts with the CBM Community!
Paul Feig Has A Bit To Say To All The People Who Are Hating On His GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot
Aside from the cast, and a leaked cameo announcement, we virtually know nothing about Feig's 2016 Ghostbusters reboot. However, many people have already began to brush the film off and label it as a flop. Feig says "Enough is enough." See his aggressive tweets right HERE!
Ridley Scott Says We Could Possibly Get Three More PROMETHEUS Films Before The Next ALIEN Movie
It's true! In Ridley Scott's latest interview, he reveals that we could possibly receive three more films in the Prometheus franchise, before we switch gears back to the Alien franchise! What does this mean for Neil Blomkamp's Alien 5? Check out all the details HERE...
When Can We Expect The First Trailer For INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE? Find Out Here!
Roland Emmerich has just announced when we should expect the first piece of footage for the Independence Day sequel (IDR)! Will it be released during next year's Independence Day, or will we get it much sooner? There’s only one way to find out! Hit the jump to check it out!
Wesley Snipes Assures Once More That He & Marvel Are Still In Talks About Another BLADE Film
While talking with the Huffington Post, Wesley Snipes re-affirms that he’d love to see another Blade film on the big screen, and that he would love to see the character side with the Avengers! Who would the Daywalker want to bite? Hit the jump to check it out!
Check Out Even More ‘Planet Zero’ Concept Art From The FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot
Had enough of Fantastic Four yet? Even though I’m sure your answer to that question might be yes, hit the jump to check out a cool new batch of concept art for the film’s Planet Zero, that was created by conceptual artists, Annis Naeem and Jonas De Ro! Check it out!
Take A Look At The Top Ten 10 “MUST-SEE” Moments From GOTHAM Season 1
The newest clip for DC All Access takes us into the top ten “must see” moments from Gotham‘s epic first season! Whether it’s highlighting the Joker’s portrayal or showcasing when Barbara attacked Leslie, this new video reveals the best of the best! Check it out!
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