Who is the double agent in Captain America: Civil War?
I offer up my opinion on the odds involved.
Mass Effect: Fan cast
Non-voice actor, mostly non-alien fancast of 2007's Bioware game...
Captain America II
Synopsis, fan cast, some thoughts...
Marvel Studios Present The Winter Soldier
Synoposis, fan-poster and cast herein.
Heavy Rain: Fancast
A fancast of Quantic Dream's grounbreaking interactive drama
Last Ride of Howard Stark
Howard Stark reflects on his life while driving home from a party.

Male-bonding, self-loathing and despair ahoy.
Steve Rogers in the 21st Century
After a few weeks out of the ice, Steve pays a visit to Gabe Jones, the last surviving Howling Commando, to learn what his friends got up to while he was away.
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (fancast)
A fan cast of a Nick Fury movie set in the late 1960s, based on Jim Steranko's stories.
The Big Sleep: Fan cast
A fancast of Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep
Red Dead Redemption: A Frank Garret fan cast
A live action TV-series fancast for the hit Rockstar Games Western video game
Fan trailer recut: God's Gonna Cut You Down
Captain America: The First Avengers' trailer recut and set to Johnny Cash's cover of God's Gonna Cut Down.
Captain America TFA screenplay, by Frank GarretPart 9
The Captain America movie I would've made.
Captain America 2: A fan cast
A fan cast of the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America (1967)
What if they adapted the star-spangled soldier to the big screen in 1967?
Fan-cast: The BATMAN reboot
My hopes for the future director, composer and cast of the future Batman reboot.
The Bat-man (1949)
What if they made a film noir adaptation of the dark knight in the late forties?
Another three Captain America TFA character posters
Featuring the Red Skull, Philips and Peggy Carter
3 More Captain America TFA character posters
Featuring Bucky, Falsworth and Morita.
Fan-made Captain America TFA character posters
Character posters of Dum-Dum Dugan, Gabriel Jones and Jacques Dernier.
Fan-made Howling Commando character poster prototype
The first of hopefully several fan-made character posters of on the Captain America TFA version of our favorite bunch of dogface yahoos.
On Captain America TFA's place in the MCU timeline
What if Steve Rogers was thawed out earlier than we think?
Captain America TFA screenplay, by Frank GarretPart 8
Part 8 of the CA TFA script I would've written.
Captain America TFA screenplay, by Frank GarretPart 7
The 7th installment of the Captain America script I would have written.
Planetary: A fan cast
I cast the DC-Wildstorm series from Warren Ellis and John Cassaday.
Captain America: TFA Screenplay by Frank Garret -Part 6
Part 6 of the Captain America script I would have written.