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Loren Weeks Says Netflix’s DAREDEVIL Is Not The Stuff You See In Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
In a recent interview, production manager Loren Weeks reveals that Netflix's Daredevil will relate to the things we see everyday, instead of Inhuman abilities, Asgardian strength, super soldier speed, and all that crazy stuff! Hit the jump to check it out!
COMICS: The 50 Cities Of DC's CONVERGENCE Finally Revealed
DC has release the first look at the cities involved in their upcoming event Convergence. Among the location involved are cities from the popular video game Injustcie: Gods Among Us, and Mark Waid's Kingdom Come. UPDATE: DC has released a trailer for the upcoming event.
Amazing Spider-Man issue 015
A terrifying family called the Inheritors is traveling around the multiverse feasting on the life-essence of Spider-people. A group Of Spiders who have bound together to fight the Inheritors sought out Peter Parker, the only spider who ever defeated an Inheritor.
The Amazing Spider-Man discovered that a second team of Spiders had been assembled by the Superior Spider-Man (Doc Ock in The Amazing Spider-Man's brain), but even their combined forces were not enough to fend off a surprise attack from the Inheritor family! The Spiders were scattered on missions across the multiverse; meanwhile, Superior Spider-Man declared himself leader of those that remain.
Netflix Daredevil series updates cast
The long awaited Daredevil Netflix series is slated for an April 10 premier. With much of the cast already set, Marvel and Netflix recently announced several new actors in supporting roles.
Top 5 Actresses for Captain Marvel
We might be seeing who will play Captain Marvel in the next few days. Instead of using logic to speculate who it will it be, let's just fancast in our dreams so they can be horribly destroyed. Life is grand.
Kevin Feige Praises Joss Whedon's & James Spader's Work In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
In a recent interview, Kevin Feige revealed that he once worried about Ultron being the main villain in the second Avengers film. Also, Joss Whedon praises the work James Spader has put into the role as Ultron! Hit the jump to check it out!
What Crossovers in TV should happen?
In this article I list three crossovers in Television I would love to see. Hope you enjoy!
Steven Spielberg To Adapt Geeks' and Gamers' Favorite Novel READY PLAYER ONE For Warner Bros.
Fans of 80's pop culture Rejoice, as the acclaimed Sci-Fi epic novel Ready Player One which is filled with 80's references written by Ernest Cline, has found its directer and it's none other than Steven Spielberg. Click for more details...
Earth's Mightiest Heroes Assemble On New AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Banner
Marvel has released a new banner in anticipation of the release of Joss Whedon's Avengers sequel. Though it doesn't feature any new looks at the team, it combines their recent character posters to great effect. Click on to check it out...
RUMOUR: Is ENDER'S GAME Actor A Candidate For MCU's Spider Man?
17-Year Old English actor Asa Butterfield is reportedly on Marvel's list of potential candidates for the part of Spider-Man. Hit the jump for more details!
'Ray Palmer' Is Devoted To Bringing 'The Arrow' To Justice In New Clip From Tonight's ARROW
The CW have released a new clip from tonight's episode of Arrow which features a press conference about what the Arrow may or may have not done in last weeks episode. Take the jump to check out the clip!
First Trailer For Sam Mendes' SPECTRE To Debut This Week
The official James Bond twitter account has announced when we can see the first trailer to Sam Mendes' highly anticipated film, Spectre. Hit the jump for more details on the date and time of the release
Hal Jordan or John Stewart for Zack Snyder DC Universe
We've been getting a lot of rumors about which Green Lantern will show up in the Justice League Movie. Chris Pine was rumored, Tyrese Gibson keeps posting pictures, but who will we see? here are my thoughts
Earth-717: Phase One Pack & Upcoming Stories for 2015
If you've never clicked on an Earth-717 article before, CLICK ON THIS ONE! Not only is every single 717 story EVER all compiled in one article, but there's also a full guide to Phase One and previews for all of the 717 stories for the rest of the year! Check it out!
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