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First TV Spot for Legend of Hercules Hits the Web
Dwayne Johnson may have to step up his game and post something besides pictures of the back of his head. The first TV spot for Kellan Lutz's Legend of Hercules has arrived online. Hit the jump for scowling, shouting, lightning swording and rock swinging.
Vulture and Doc Ock in TASM 2?
While only Rhino, the Green Goblin, and Electro have been confirmed for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the latest trailer hinted that we could be seeing two more villains: The Vulture and Doctor Octopus.
How to K.O. the Hulk: WWE Stars and Marvel continues its WWE Axxess videos. In the latest installment, Marvel talked with Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, the Prime Time Players and more. Wade Barrett claimed to be able to K.O. the Hulk, and the Prime Time Players gave an open invitation to Tony Stark to hang with them.
BOX OFFICE: Iron Man 3 Earns $68.31 Million on Friday, on Track for 2nd Highest Opening Weekend
Iron Man 3 earned an impressive $68.31 million on Friday. Although this is significantly lower than the Avengers, it is much higher than the total for Iron Man 2. According to Box Office Mojo, if this continues, we will see Iron Man edge out Harry Potter for the record for second largest opening weekend.
EDITORIAL: A Moment of Silence, ComicsAlliance Is No More
After being nominated for three Eisner awards, fellow comic book site has been shut down by AOL for good.
VIDEO GAMES: No Robin in Batman: Arkham Origins, But Possibly Superman?
A recent interview with Game Informer revealed new details for Batman: Arkham Origins. In the interview they reveal that there is no Robin in Origins as well as talking about the game's soundtrack and its curious relationship to Die Hard.
Iron Man Rings the Bell at New York Stock Exchange
With Iron Man 3 just three days away, Robert Downey Jr. rang the opening bell at the NYSE today. Hit the jump for pictures and video from the event.
Can Iron Man 3 Beat the Avengers at the Box Office?
At this point, Iron Man 3's box office numbers are ahead of the Avengers', but can it keep it up? For the Atlantic Wire's discussion of Iron Man 3's box office gross, and its popularity in both legal and illegal venues, hit the jump.
Don Cheadle On IRON MAN 4, The War Machine Armor And IRON MAN 3 Improvisation
In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Don Cheadle talked about Iron Man 3 and addressed the chances for a sequel: "I think if people like you make enough noise about it there’ll be an Iron Man 4." Hit the jump for the video.
Press Release: Watch The Iron Man 3 World Premiere Live
Although only a lucky few will get to actually attend the world premiere of Iron Man 3 in Hollywood, Marvel is inviting fans to experience the red carpet through a live internet feed, promising fans the chance to hear from Robert Downey, Jr., Shane Black, Samuel L. Jackson, and more.
Verizon Debuts New Iron Man 3 Footage
Verizon has released new Iron Man 3 footage, and it has promised to donate $.01 to the USA Science and Engineering Festival for each view. The clip includes information on a number of the new armors, shots of Tony and Pepper interacting with Maya Hansen and, of course, explosions.
New Iron Man 3 TV Spot Arrives Online
With Iron Man 3's release date approaching, Marvel is pulling out the stops. Hit the jump to see the newest TV spot, which features a closer look at the Heartbreaker armor in action.
Orson Scott Card Interview on Ender's Game, Future Books, and a Potential Formic Wars TV Show
Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card recently attended the 2013 L.A. Festival of Books. During his interview, he touched on the Ender's Game movie, his voice-over cameo, the future of the series, and more.
First Description of Ender's Game Trailer Arrives Online
Most of us won't see the Ender's Game trailer until Star Trek Into Darkness comes out on May 17. But Lionsgate recently screened the trailer at CinemaCon, and we have a detailed description that includes the alien spacecraft, the battle room and Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham.
ABC Family's Batman Begins Promo Is Awful
"He fights for family and lives for love." ABC Family is going to be showing Batman Begins, but its promo makes it sound less like a kick-butt superhero movie and more like a cheesy romantic comedy.
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