Transformers and Godzilla Trailers Score Big
Robots in Disguise and the returning King of the Monsters bring in massive first week views.
VIDEO: Exploring the Mysterious Origins Of DC Hatred Among Some CBM Fans
I stumbled upon this video on YouTube today. It basically addresses why Warner Bros.' superhero films receive so much heat while fans seem more forgiving of Marvel Studios. Take a look and leave your thoughts in the usual place.
"Thor; The Dark World", "Iron Man 3" and "Man of Steel" receive nods at the MTV Movie Awards.
Superman II Fan Made Trailer
Fan made trailer for Richard Donner's cut of the 1980 sequel.
EDITORIAL - Why Sony Should Create a Hancock Cinematic Universe
A few reasons why Sony should consider building a cinematic universe around the foul mouthed superhero.
EDITORIAL - Comic Book Movies and Big Name Actors.
A look at what affect casting A-List actors can have on comic book movies.
Blade Runner Fan Made Trailer
A fan made trailer for Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic.
JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR Producer Discusses DC Animation
Producer James Tucker discusses the future of DC's animated films.
How To Do A Superman Movie Right - Part 4 of 4
The fourth and final installment on making a Superman film, addressing story and tone.
EDITORIAL: How To Do A Superman Movie Right - Part 3 of 4
This installment touches on Superman as a symbol, bringing a fully realized Superman character to the screen and a possible way to make the Clark Kent disguise work.
EDITORIAL: How To Get Superman Right - Part 2 of 4
Part two of a four part editorial examining what's missing from the Superman films thus far.
First Image Revealed of 2014's The Marvel Experience Tour
Hero Ventures & Marvel Entertainment Unveil Innovative Dome Design for “The Marvel Experience” Launching in 2014
EDITORIAL: How To Do A Superman Movie Right - Part 1 of 4
Analyzing Warner Bros.' struggle with the Man of Tomorrow and how they can finally get him right.
EDITORIAL: Comic Book Movies & The Box Office
We've all seen them..or even been a part of them - debates about which CBM is better. The Dark Knight vs Marvel's The Avengers vs Man of Steel and so on. But where do the financial earnings factor in? Just what does a CBM's box office take mean?
Supergirl Fan Teaser Trailer
A fan made teaser trailer for a possible Supergirl reboot.
Director John Chu Offers An Update On The Status Of G.I. JOE 3
The G.I. Joe: Retaliation director discusses working on the third film, offering a vague update on when he believes shooting will begin and also comments on those recent reports about 22 Jump Street star Channing Tatum making a return. Check it out!
A Tribute To Tim Burton's Batman
A fan made trailer for the groundbreaking 1989 film.
The one time frontrunner for the new Batman offers more insight.
RUMOR: Captain America: Winter Soldier Headed For Reshoots
With Thor: The Dark World crossing $600 million, Marvel Studios has scheduled reshoots for their next Phase II installment.
Fan Made trailer for the 1978 film featuring Hans Zimmer's score. Check it out after the jump!
(Another one? Yup) Is Gal Gadot the right woman to play the Amazon Princess?
Is Supergirl A Part of the DCCU?
Will audiences see Supergirl in Warner Bros.' new DC cinematic universe?