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Zack Snyder gives us the Superman that Bryan Singer failed to do six years ago
Top 5 Superman Storylines Part 3
Due to your feedbacks of the lack of other good superman storylines from the first two top superman storylines editoral, I have made the third installment of the top superman storylines. Leave comments and check out ads...
The DC New 52 Relaunch Protest Walk At San Diego Comic Con 2011
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Superman Tribute
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My Interview with Harley Quinn cosplayer Elise Archer voicing her opinion about the DC Relaunch and about being a Harley Quinn cosplayer
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My Interview with Laura Hornack, the organzier of the DC Relaunch Protest
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DC Does Not Need A Reboot, Marvel Does!
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Before Smallville, There Was Superboy
The show about Superman before he was Superman before there was Smallville
Top 5 Superman Storylines
For years, we have enjoyed reading Superman storylines ever since he first debuted in 1938. He had good storylines and he had bad storylines. Overall, Superman is one of the greatest hero that I have ever read for the past 14 years. Here are my top 5 Superman storylines.
What Makes Superman A Hero
The paper I wrote about Superman at my high school