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Angry Birds Transformers SDCC Trailer
Birds Disguised as Robots in Disguise. Here is the SDCC trailer for the upcoming Angry Birds game.
SDCC '14: Scott Snyder Says BATMAN: ENDGAME Isn't The End of His Run
With Batman: Zero Year wrapping up this week, talk has turned to the next story for Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, recently revealed to be titled Endgame. Snyder spoke briefly about it at SDCC, along with the fact that he'd love to write Wonder Woman and Captain America!
IronMatt71's guide to the entire Marvel Cinematic/ Television Universe
My interesting and cool way to watch the MCU
SDCC '14: STAN LEE Wont Attend This Year's Comic-Con
Word just got in that Stan the man will Not be going to this years comic-con. Its is said that he has lost his voice and that stopped him for attend the festivities for this year. Hit the jump to check it out.
10 Things We MUST See/Get from ARROW Season 3
Your Mother favorite User returns! join "THE EXCELLENCE OF EDITORIAL" DC Guy as he looks into the 10 things Arrow season 3 needs to deliver to keep it's title of BEST LIVE ACTION SUPER HERO SHOW EVER.
Avengers:Age of Ultron Movie Poster

Designed By DiamondDesignHD
Guardians of the Galaxy (Spoiler Free) Early Review
This Guardians of the Galaxy review may be a bit vague in an attempt to avoid spoilers but I hope it will quell anyone's worries about how amazing this new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is.
VIDEO GAMES: First look at Halo: Nightfall [Trailer]
Agent Locke, the star of Ridley Scott's Halo: Nightfall, is a playable character in Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Industries revealed today during a San Diego Comic-Con panel. Check out the first footage of the show!
Who? Joining the cast of LEGO BATMAN 3 is a character that wasn't exactly predicted by anyone, but its happening anyway because... why not! Hit the jump to see the reveal of the latest addition: Batman of Zur-En-Arrh.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Stars To Appear On LIVE With Kelly And Michael
Fresh off their Red Carpet premiere, the Guardians of the Galaxy Cast heads to LIVE With Kelly And Michael to talk about their upcoming film! So hit the jump to get all the details regarding the event! Check it out!
The latest issue of the best zombie comic on stands is here. Find out what I thought of it in my latest review.
Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright and many more members of the Alien cast speaks on the recent and most newest piece to the Alien franchise, Alien: Isolation. Hit the jump to check out their thoughts!
The Legend of Korra Removed From Nickelodeon's Schedule, Now Going Digital
The Avatar Spin-off series while getting plenty of praise from both critics and fans has experienced a ratings low with their newest season. In response Nick has appeared to move it to a new platform.
New Guardians Of The Galaxy Official Illustrated Posters
Take a look at four all new, official illustrated posters by artist Matt Ferguson for the new Marvel film, Guardians of the Galaxy.
CW ARROW's Roy Harper Fully Suited and What it Means for the Show. Also, things too look forward too.
Be ready to see more of Arrow's Roy Harper as "Arsenal" in Season 3, but also what does the new look mean for the beginning of the show's third season.
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