The CBM Awards Announcement
Plus Short Reviews of the Movies that have come out so far this year, all categories in which movies can be nominated and all of the movies that have the potential to be nominated...
Do It Yourself: MCU Phase 3 (Update)
I explain what I think should happen in the highly anticipated Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review
This is my review of the not so amazing Spider-Man 2 there are several spoilers so read on at your own risk.
The All New CBMZ
Short little fan fic look at, what if the world of CBMs had a program like TMZ.
Iron Man 3's Iron Patriot Suit Altered *Photoshop*
The Iron Patriot suit from Iron Man 3 altered to resemble the colors from the suit in the comics
Fan Fic: Tales from the Supermax....7
Check out the latest entry into the Supermax series, and find out what the Green Goblin thinks about
Fan Art:  Pheonix
Decided to step out of my comfort zone and sketch a female character... check it out!
Today I will cast a handful of CBM users as superheroes and villains. So shall we begin?
That's right both Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck were seen out in public today!
Hit the jump to see the pictures.
With Great Power: Fight Choreography Test
After a lot of positive feedback on my ideas for a Spider-Man short film, I decided that I'm gonna do this thing. For anybody who wants to go through the journey with me, it starts here.
Did any of the fans like Man of Steel?

Well half of them say they did and half of them say they didn't. For me, I loved it. I am excited to see what Warner Brothers has in store for us next!

So they say Batman and Superman will be in the sequel. AWESOME! Plus Wonder Woman! MORE AWESOME!

Are all the fans happy? No!

The reason why is because of what happened in Man of Steel. The flaws everyone is pointing at is the destruction and Superman not saving many people. Well for one movie that is a flaw, but lets say it isn't. Lets say they have more than one picture ahead of time. And that picture just so happens not only to be a Superman film, but a Batman film as well. THE WORLD FINEST GODS! Now things are interesting!

The next thing fans are ready for is what actor will betray Batman! Warner Brothers picks Ben Affleck.

Are the fans happy? No.

Have they seen the work he has done lately? No

Ben Affleck directed and starred in a movie called Argo which won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. So was that a good movie? Yes. To the fanboys I say, ARGO FUCK YOURSELF!!!! Ben will be Batman/Bruce Wayne!

Now back to what happened in Man of Steel! Superman saves the world, but did he save everyone? No.

To the Superman/Batman movie. The last rumors I heard that were actually on this website, said that Lex Luthor in it and say that the world doesn't need Superman. He caused more damage than he did saving the world. These are just my theories. Batman/Bruce Wayne concurs with Lex on that point and they decide to get rid of Superman!

So how do they do this? Now what I am going to say are just my conclusions and I have no source to go by this except this website. And I am not promoting myself.

Another rumor I heard was that Metallo was going to be in the film.

Lex Luthor has Batman and Metallo fight Superman. They open up and another portal to the Phantom Zone and they send him there. Superman meets Faora in the Phantom Zone along with Dr. Amille Hamilton, Colonol Hardy, and the rest of Zod's minions from Man of Steel! Superman and Faora duke it out. He lets her live. They all work together to get each other out of the Phantom Zone in which they do because Jor-el actually built the Phantom Zone himself. They get out. Batman and Superman battle once more while Metallo was beaten with ease this time because Superman uses his laser eye beams against him and sends him to the the ocean. Superman defeats Batman, but does not kill him. Batman sees that Superman is needed in the world because of the act of humility he shows towards him. Plus I would be surprised if he actually saves everyone in the process while they are fighting somewhere in the city or somewhere else. Lex Luthor gets arrested or he even trys to fight Superman and loses also. Then he gets arrested and they all live happily ever after! Oh and Diana Prince reveals who she really is at the very end!

That is my theory for The Worlds Finest Gods! That is what I would name it. If it is like this story that I think they are going to do, I hope it is better so I will be pleased. I know all of you are scared like I am as well. But I have a feeling we should not be.

Happy 75th Anniversary Batman!
GODZILLA Faces MUTO Kaiju In LQ WonderCon Footage
Someone was bold enough to record and upload the extended Godzilla sequence shown at WonderCon today, which ends with the King of the Monsters facing off with the Muto Kaiju! Check it out!
SpiderMiles Reviews The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Hey! Spider-Miles here, with a Review on The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It contains both a Non(well minor)Spoiler part and a Spoiler part, so read it if you dare!
Anthony Mackie's MCU Falcon in the Classic Red & White *Photoshop*
Falcon's Winter Soldier uniform photoshopped to resemble the classic comic book costume with the red and white. Mackie's potential look for Captain America 3
First Look: Stills from Ryan Gosling's Directorial Debut - LOST RIVER
Previously titled "How to Catch a Monster", the first images from the dark fantasy have appeared online...and they're intriguing to say the least. Hit the jump to have a peek at what Gosling has in store for his directorial debut.
COMICS: Francis Manapul Talks Characters & Mystery in DETECTIVE COMICS
The team behind the New 52 Flash has transferred from Central City to Gotham, and co-writer/artist Francis Manapul sat down at WonderCon '14 to talk about their run. Check out a 7-minute interview after the jump.
How Did The X-Men Die? Part 1
We know how a few of the countless mutants met their end however how did some of the most recognizable mutants meet their maker?
Singer vs Eagan:  In defence of Niether
While this article doesn't really belong on this site, with four out of every five users on here blindly defending either Singer or Eagan, while tossing the facts out the window, I feel this article is necessary.
ALL X-Men films to be 1 universe, NOT a melding of 2!
To "logically" combine ALL of the X-Men films into one seemless canon without inconsistancies is hard... but not impossible! This is something to hope for!
5 Short/Low Budget Films MARVEL Should Make With NETFLIX
We all know about the upcoming Netflix/Marvel TV Shows. I wanted to write an article on that, but I wasn't too interested. I was thinking about the shows and then an idea came to mind. What if Marvel started making low budget small films for smaller/darker characters. I'm not talking about One-Shot's though. I want the unsung heroes, anti-heroes, and even villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be done right on screen. Click the jump to see the top 5 characters who I think should get the short film treatment.
Potential friendly fire from Bryan Singer Rape Lawsuit
Will the lawsuit involving Bryan Singer allegedly raping a minor bring down a comicbook movie ledgend in the process.
With all the talk of another Ghostbusters film in the works I thought it would be fun to revisit and review the classic 80's Ghostbusters cartoon. Does this animated series still hold up? Does it hold a candle to the original film on which it's based? Hit the jump for my personal opinion......
My 5 Favourite Comic-Book Films Ever
In this editorial, I give you my 5 favourite CBMs of all time. This article may contain mild spoilers for each of my picks, so you've been warned. Hit the jump to find out my faves...
HANNIBAL Shiizakana Video Teaser
The FBI is called in to investigate a grisly discovery of a man's body that has been torn to shreds by man, beast or both? Preview clip and synopsis just past the bloody jump...