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EXCLUSIVE: Exploring the SUPERMAN/BATMAN Dynamic With Mark Waid
Despite disappointment that Man of Steel 2 has been pushed back to 2016, fascination with the characters of Superman and Batman continues. The dynamic between those two characters is explored via this exclusive interview with writer Mark Waid.
JLA ADVENTURES EXCLUSIVE Interview with Director Giancarlo Volpe
The Justice League is a growing presence in a variety of mediums these days, and this Tuesday that will include Target with the DVD release of JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time. What follows is an excerpt from an exclusive interview with director Giancarlo Volpe.
EXCLUSIVE: SUPERMAN/BATMAN Interview with Writer Greg Pak
Insofar as DC fans are concerned, the main event of 2015 will be the sequel to Man of Steel bringing together Superman and Batman. What follows is an excerpt from an exclusive interview with writer Greg Pak about the Superman/Batman dynamic.
JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR Exclusive Interviews with Writer & Director
Debuting next month on Blu-ray and DVD is the animated adaptation of Justice League: War, based on the first Geoff Johns/Jim Lee New 52 JL storyline. What follows is a piece featuring exclusive interviews with director Jay Oliva and writer Heath Corson.
BATMAN BEYOND Series Preview - From the Archives
Fourteen years after the debut of Batman Beyond, there is still tremendous interest in the show's premise and characters. For that reason we've dipped into the archives for this 1998 "series preview" piece featuring interviews with Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and others.
INTERVIEW: Author Warren Hately on ZEPHYR - The Superhero You SHOULD Be Reading
We're changing tact a bit here, looking at the character of Zephyr, a unique entry in the superhero genre whose prose adventures are written by Australian writer Warren Hately. What follows is an exclusive interview with the author, who details what Zephyr is all about.
COMICS: Misadventures of Adam West #9 - With Fleischer - 7-Page Preview
The Misadventures of Adam West continues with issue #9, co-written by CBM's Ed Gross, in which Adam finds himself in Generic City, where he encounters that world's supposed hero, Fleischer. The two of them go against Flatulence. A seven page preview follows.
FLEISCHER: Superman Parody Novelization Excerpt - Your Opinion Wanted!
Some time ago, CBM's Ed Gross introduced a Superman parody comic called Fleischer. A novelization of the comic scripts is being written and, with Galactus' kind permission, we're offering an excerpt. We would love to get your feedback on this work in progress.
JUSTICE LEAGUE FLASHPOINT PARADOX Interview With Superman Actor Sam Daly
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is the newest DC animated film, and one way it's significant is that it features Sam Daly, the son of veteran Superman voice actor Tim Daly, in the role of Man of Steel. CBM's Ed Gross caught up with Sam to discuss the project.
JUSTICE LEAGUE FLASHPOINT PARADOX Interview Clips With Kevin McKidd & Justin Chambers
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is being released on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Download on July 30, 2013, and in these interview clips actors Justin Chambers (Flash) and Kevin McKidd (Batman) discuss the film.
Warner Bros. has released a new clip from next week's Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, featuring Barry Allen (voiced by Justin Chambers) in discussions with the time-altered Batman (Kevin McKidd) about the nature of the Speed Force.
ARROW Star Stephen Amell on the Next Step in Oliver's Journey
At Comic-Con, CBM's Ed Gross caught up with Arrow star Stephen Amell and discussed the fact that when audiences are reintroduced to Oliver Queen in season two, he's going to be a very different man. Amell shares his thoughts on the next phase in Oliver's journey.
BATMAN ARKHAM ORIGINS Video Interview w/ Troy Baker & Roger Craig Smith
Despite rumors to the contrary, Batman and the Joker get along famously. Well, at least voice actors Troy Baker and Roger Craig Smith do, as they prove in this Batman: Arkham Origins video interview conducted at Comic-Con 2013 by, among others, CBM's Ed Gross.
MAN OF STEEL: Henry Cavill on Future Roles and Desire to Do MOS2
There have been plenty of rumors about Henry Cavill starring in the film version of 50 Shades of Grey, and in this interview excerpt he discusses how future roles will be impacted by Superman and his thoughts about suiting up again.
PART 2: Interview with MAN OF STEEL Storyboard Artist Jay Oliva
In this excerpt from an exclusive interview with Man of Steel storyboard artist Jay Oliva we gain greater insight into how the film's action set pieces were developed, collaborating with Zack Snyder and hopes for the future of the DC Movie Universe.
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