(Fixed) Deadpool, Star Wars, and Civil War Fan Posters
Welcome! After hours of trying to get images to work I finally figured it out. Really it shouldn't have taken so long. But thats beside the point. Hit the jump to see my edits!
Indiana Jones Fifth Installment
My Fan Fic for a fifth installment to the Indiana Jones franchise. I give two possible roads for this movie to go down.
xStarLordx Reviews Transformers Age of Extinction (Spoilers)
Spoilers obviously. I may put up a spoiler-free review later.
TFW2005 Has pictures of Toy Fair 2014. We have looks at the TF4 'bots and 'cons! Possible Argosy? UPDATE: More looks at Autobots including a more familiar look for good old Optimus Prime!
A conversation I had with dethpillow lead me to write an article on run times based on what dethpillow and I talked about.