FANVID: Josh Trank's Fantastic Four Ben's Drop Missing Scene 2015
Want to see what The Thing's infamous deleted scene looked like? Check out this clip!
FANVID: Tim Burton's SUPERMAN LIVES 1998 Trailer
Ever wondered what Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage's Superman would have looked like? Well check out this trailer and see what could have been the most subversive Superman film ever.
FANVID: MARVEL'S Winter Soldier: Red Vengeance Trailer
Ever wondered what a solo Winter Soldier film would look like? Click to watch and find out.
A trailer for a Days of Future Past style film in the DC Cinematic and Television universes. Enjoy!
Here's a Deadpool Trailer I cut in excitement for the new film about to come up. I can't wait for this one to hit theatres. Hope you enjoy.
Take a look at this very impressive an Made trailer for a sequel we've all been waiting for and wanting. Plus sign the DREDD 2 petition if you haven't already. More past the jump.
FANVID: Man OF Steel 2 (Batman versus Superman) Trailer
Watch this new fan trailer featuring Jeremy Irons as Alfred, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and a mystery member of the Justice League who is rumored to be in the film...
FANVID: Batman Versus Superman (Man of Steel 2) Trailer
Heres my trailer for Zack Synder's upcoming sequel. See Cavill, Affleck, and Bruce Willis as Lex Luthor.
FAN ART: Captain America: The Winter Soldier 70's Posters
Check out some cool 70's inspired posters for Cap's next film.
FANVID: MAN OF STEEL 2 (Batman Vs Superman) Sizzle Reel Extended
Version B of a quick clip I put together of Josh Brolin as Batman and Mark Strong as Lex Luthor going head to head with Superman during a moment where he is viewed as a threat by the people he protects.
FANVID: Man of Steel 2 (Batman vs Superman) Sizzle Reel
A quick fan made clip of Batman and Superman going head to head with Josh Brolin as Bruce Wayne and Mark Strong as Lex Luthor.
FANVID: X-Men Origins: Magneto Trailer
A full trailer for the Master of Magnetism
Do not be fooled by the Green Lantern Extended Cut
It's not what you think. Stay away by all means.
Tom Hardy talks Pittsburgh and The Dark Knight Rises
Nothing groundbreaking here. Just a few words on filming in
Heinz Field and how much longer he's working on the project.
Ant-Man Trailer
The Astonishing Ant-Man finally gets his due.
Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Trailer
Witness the masterpiece brought to life
Michael Fassbender in Magneto Costume
HQ Screencaps from X-Men: First Class
FANVID: Old Man Logan Teaser Trailer
Based on the books by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven
FAN-VID: The Wolverine 1975 [Clint Eastwood as Wolverine]
What if Marvel decided to bring Wolverine to the big screen back in 1975?
!*SPOILER*! Picture of Michael Fassbender in Magneto Costume
Screencap from the ending of X-Men: First Class
The Dark Knight Rises Fan Trailer [Bane/Catwoman/Hugo Strange]
BryanRivelli challenged me to make a trailer for TDKR featuring Bane, Catwoman and Robin Williams as Hugo Strange. This is what I came up with. Its pretty much an extended version of my TV Spot. Enjoy.
Marvel Noir Trailer [Marvel Sin City Style]
Read the Marvel Noir series and wanted to create a trailer based on it. This is what I came up with. Enjoy.
Fan Trailers for Mark Millar's Nemesis
Hail Your New F**king Chief
FAN-VID: X-Men Future Past Trailer [Bryan Singer's X-Men 3]
This is the direction i believe X-Men 3 should have gone. Its a very complex story involving 3 different timelines and would probably be split into two movies.